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Creative approaches: DACIA

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DACIA simply wanted to show the blatant truth to people, since this truth can be easily proven by a fact: the Logan is the cheapest car available on the market. Here, tt just requires a standard animation, followed by the final message, the price and the brand logo. The message is clear and efficient, because it explains to us that the Logan knows no rival and that it is the reference in terms of price. Moreover, the voice in the commercial uses a simple but strong rhetoric question: ?do you know what diesel-driven car is the cheapest?? Still, no need to give it a thought! The answer directly follows up, with the price displayed clearly. Thus, thanks to this commercial, Dacia could let every viewer know that the Logan is the most price competitive car. In short a very classical yet efficient advertisement.

[...] Indeed, here is pictured one might call a common miscellaneous case, a car hurting a biker. However, the Sécurité Routière used a direct and freezing slogan to make French people realize the serious, definitive consequences that a mere short lack of attention could entail. The message behind could be ?open your eyes, act in a responsible way?. Besides, from the point of view of the public agency, such a print is really cheap to create (no shooting, no royalties). To conclude, I deem this print as a very efficient and communicative example for ?Slice of life? ads thanks to its ?cruel simplicity? and logic. [...]

[...] Assessment I especially like this ad, because contrary to classical comparison ads, it conveys the brand's message in a funny way. This not only allows to demonstrate that Tele2 is superior in term of price, but also that its philosophy is cooler than competitors' by making fun of them. Thus, by using an entertaining tone of voice, the impact is doubled, since Tele2 could also gain sympathy and forge a bond with the customer (brand equity building) . Problem solution Announcer: IBM Product: Business solution services Sector: IT services Format: TV commercial (JIC: Reasoning Here is the product presented as a hero. [...]

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