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Creativity in advertising agencies

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  1. Introduction
  2. Relations between companies and agencies
  3. Examples of creative strategies
    1. The standard copy strategy
    2. The 'creative copy strategy'
    3. The star strategy
    4. Disruption
  4. Conclusion: The problem of plagiarism

Building an advertising campaign requires a great deal of advice. You are not going to venture to communicate for a company without knowing its needs perfectly. It works on the same for products or services. This exploration work, which is realized upstream, has to be realized minutely. Its history and culture are very important but there are also the history and culture in which the client is enrolled. Without a general culture, there is no salvation for communicants. This is thanks to this culture that we are going to define the best we can as the adequate balance between service, product, brand on one part and the client on another part.
Nevertheless, creatives are not artists and if all the work that conducts to the result (the concrete advertising) is rich and deep, you don't have to forget that the result is most of the time poor and ephemeral.

[...] What: how the target imagines the brand before the advertising What: how the target will imagine the brand after the advertising - prism of personality (or identity) from Kapferer? For example, the prism of personality for the brand DIM: Disruption Concerning Lionel Cuny, the disruption theory, created by TBWA agency, presents and explains a new approach to advertising and a new way of creating changes in a company and/ or a brand's life. - Conventions: there are convictions, preconception that influence the behavior of everyone, attitudes but also realities. [...]

[...] All those strategies are different; they all have different approaches and should normally conduct different creations. But sometimes, we can find that 2 or even 3 advertisements are very close to each other. Sometimes, the similarity is so high that we can strongly think that this not a coincidence. Having two same advertisements means that your positioning is the same as your competitor's, but there are a lot of values that companies can choose as positioning, that you have the same creative strategy or instinct and there is also a bit of luck involved! [...]

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