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Crisis management: Michelin’s crisis management during the Indianapolis Grand Prix

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  1. Introduction
  2. Background of the crisis
  3. The effect of the media crisis
  4. Conduct of the crisis
    1. The incident as it unfolded
    2. The victims
    3. The people involved
    4. Technical issues
  5. The communication of Michelin
  6. Conclusion
  7. Implications of the crisis
  8. Conclusion: Increased transparency required for the benefit of Michelin

Crisis management forms an important part of the communication process of a company, government and organizations. It is necessary to understand the ways and means on managing a crisis and communicate effectively during critical moments. This will play a role in the brand image of the company and the perception it has towards its consumers, shareholders and the community at large. Managing a crisis and communicating during a crisis are two different but related activities.

[...] On the other hand, Michelin stressed that it was unacceptable that its partners had been accused by the FIA of having boycotted the Indianapolis Grand Prix. Michelin and its partners had done everything under the public eye to ensure the safety of the conduct. Michelin considered itself very unfortunate that the proposals for the race to take place with all the teams were not accepted. These proposals, including a chicane, were technically viable and totally respectful of security. However, sports bodies had everything in hand to save the interest of the race. [...]

[...] Following the accident with Ralf Schumacher on Friday morning, we were advised by Michelin that none of the tires available to teams could be used unless the speed of cars is reduced in the Corner No If this condition was not met, Michelin could not guarantee the security of the tire for racing use. All teams have confidence in Michelin and follow the advice of its representatives, we know they are competent and responsible, and demand in writing that they have sent, asking us not to run if the track was not affected was accepted. [...]

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