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Customer perception towards Indian and Chinese goods

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  1. Introduction
  2. Chinese aggression as a result of liberalization and the economic reforms
    1. Advantage for India
    2. Disadvantage for India
  3. India's economic ties with China
  4. Exim policy of India
    1. Foreign Trade Policy
    2. Changing international trade dynamics
  5. Exports promotion capital goods scheme
  6. Procedural simplification and transaction cost
  7. Objectives of the study
  8. Research methodology
  9. Literature review
  10. Findings
  11. Analysis
  12. Conclusion
  13. Bibliography

Closely following the liberalization and the economic reforms, India is witness to an important event: the 'Chinese Aggression' of a different order in the form of entry of Chinese goods at a price which sends heart attack signals to many Indian organizations. A wristwatch for Rs. 10, a washing machine for Rs. 1250, a ceiling fan for Rs. 75, a mixer grinder for Rs. 350. The price list is up in many places. What was once believed to be a rumor turns out to be true when the customers report that they have actually purchased these articles at these prices. Can one believe it? Whether one believes it or not, there are a lot of issues raised. One major question raised is: can China really offer these products at such a price? What about the quality aspect? Is China trying to dump inferior goods at a cheap rate? Is this a temporary phenomenon or is it going to last long? If it is going to last long, what will happen to the Indian goods and Indian organizations? Can China be prevented from dumping the goods into the Indian market?

[...] Capital Goods will be allowed to be transferred or given on loan basis to other units under intimation to both Excise and Development Commissioner. d. Transfer of samples to other EOUs on returnable basis within a period of 30 days to be allowed. e. EOUs to be permitted to claim IT exemption in respect of income on export proceeds realized within a period of 12 months from date of export. Target Plus Schemes The Target plus Scheme aimed at rewarding incremental exports would continue in the year 2005-06 with such modifications as will be notified, separately for preventing misuse. [...]

[...] A policy of partnership The FTP provided a road map that could help Indian companies become globally competitive and simultaneously aimed at giving Indian consumers world class products and services. Specific sectoral initiatives have helped in creating more jobs, higher exports and an enhanced level of confidence for Indian products and services in the global economy. I believe that it is the new equation of partnership and co- operation engendered by the FTP last year that has paid the rich dividends we are now encountering. [...]

[...] LITERATURE REVIEW Literature review of consumer perception regarding Indian and Chinese products:- India and China are two largest Economies of this modern world. Both these economies together account almost one third of the total world population which means a large consumer base. Over a period India has maintained a growth rate of 7-8 percent annually and China has maintained a growth rate of 8-10 percent annually. After seeing the large consumer market in India foreign investors are coming very rapidly to invest in these potential economies and not even in India and China but also in other developing economies so much contribution is coming from FDI's. [...]

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