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Décathlon an example of segmented marketing

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  1. Introduction
  2. Strategic development of Decathlon's marketing
    1. From sport supermarket to sport innovator
  3. Decathlon's marketing
    1. Market and competitive analysis
  4. Segmentation
    1. Professionals segment
    2. Fun and extreme segment
    3. Family segment
  5. Positioning
    1. In relation to the concurrence
    2. In relation to the objectives
  6. Consumer behavior
  7. Example of segmentation
    1. Result of a segmentation: Birth of a new passion brand
    2. Quechua's marketing
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

In 1976, Michel Leclercq created Decathlon. The first supermarket, which sold sports articles, opened in Englos, near Lille. It was a new concept in France: equipping every sportsman from amateurs to professionals at the best prices.

In 1986, ?Decathlon Production? is born. His mission is assuring the conception and the fabrication of articles under its brand. The firm asserts by this choice its will not to be only a Distributor of sports articles. Decathlon starts to get international in Spain, Germany, United-Kingdom, Netherlands, Portugal and Asia.

1986 is a major stage for Decathlon, by launching itself in sports articles production Decathlon opens itself in a new market and diversifies downstream. It is a strategic choice faced with the competitiveness but it is also a marketing choice.

Indeed, Decathlon is situated on the same ?DAS? as companies like GO SPORT, INTERSPORT, SPORT 2000 and the independent generalists it is to say offering a multi sport offer.

[...] Quechua's marketing As a brand tries to interest such an eclectic type of consumers from beginners to high-level athletes, through so many different types of sports, the ideal would be that we develop a one-to-one marketing strategy; but for that, we need to dispose of an important budget, what Quechua had not; The marketing budget was about euros, a real tiny budget in comparison with the concurrence. Quechua began its new strategy by becoming an autonomic brand, by splitting of Decathlon. [...]

[...] The courage and the capacity of imagination of adventurers inspire designers and scientists who work on Geologic's product to invent hard-wearing and innovative goods. It's interesting to highlight the fact that the segmentation of ?passion brands? is never finished and the segmentation is always more accurate. For example the new passion brand Fouganza, little sister or Geologic is dedicated to horse riding sees a key moment for Decathlon Cycle. By changing its name the same year as it celebrates its 20th birthday, the brand will now have the means to reach its ambitions: renamed b'Twin - after the bike created by in house experts in 2000 - the brands are innovating again. [...]

[...] This passion brand is very popular but seems to still be linked with an idea of ?cheap product? maybe because at the beginning of the Inesis adventure the R&D was low and the strategies wasn't yet innovation but was only following the leaders The brand suffers this lake of proper identity and the marketing project on Inesis has cancelled the ambition to change this image and prefers to work and invest more R&D on others passion brands. Now Artengo is a new passion brand dedicated to tennis when Inesis keeps only on the golf segment. [...]

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