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Digital marketing and E-commerce, what future for physical stores in the textile industry?

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  1. Digital marketing evolution since 1980
    1. A little bit of history
    2. Digital marketing strategies and planning
  2. Digital marketing and e-commerce
    1. Digital marketing and e-commerce, what link?
    2. Pros and cons
    3. E-commerce in the textile industry
    4. CHANEL "Ready-to-wear" case study
  3. E-commerce Vs physical stores
    1. A brief comparison
    2. Observations related to the survey

Changes in consumer behavior along with a world in which everything is getting digitalized require firms to rethink their marketing strategy in order not only to be able to identify and target market needs accurately but also deliver information and interact with the customers in real time thanks to Internet. The digital revolution has convulsed marketing to its heart with greater price transparency, delivery facilities, larger choice of products, convenience and the possibility of comparing prices of different brands, comparing products and scopes, encouraging therefore costumers to purchase online. Among the most significant changes in the business landscape are the emergence of 'cyber consumers' and the cyber business-to-business world, and the entrepreneurship new business models, besides the place that smartphones, Internet, social medias are taking in our everyday life, it is logical to think what future is there for traditional stores.

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