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Diversion and advertising

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  1. Introduction
  2. The emergence of Web 2.0
  3. Key principles of diversion
    1. The switching principle
    2. Humor
    3. Using a world class reference
    4. Finding a balance
  4. Diversion as a creative advertising tool
    1. The diversion of a film
    2. Signs diverted
    3. The diversion of an ideology
    4. Art for publicity (Savings Bank, The Last Supper)
    5. May 68
  5. The diversion of advertising
    1. Percussive examples
    2. Guignols de l'Info: divert to better inform
    3. Greenwashing: Pubs total
    4. A diversion of news: the general society
    5. Ron Français
  6. Conclusion

The basis for success of any diversion is a shared knowledge specific to each country, group or culture. Many diversions for remain obscure to foreigners if they do not make an effort to understand the context. Every element is capable of being interpreted in various ways. The simple act of bringing a new perspective into another creates a new meaning without directly modifying the original diversion.

Such diversion is often done in times of conflict to change propaganda messages and create greater awareness. Campaign posters today, are especially prey to misuse.

[...] The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci (1498) The advertising campaign for fashion designers Marithe and Francois Girbaud,? A tribute to women,? raised a controversy in February 2005. The painting Last Supper? by Leonardo Da Vinci, was hijacked. The postures, the light and the main symbolic elements were included as well as the gender switching of characters in the painting. The apostles and Christ were represented by women, and the character supposed to be Mary Magdalene in the original array was represented by a man in a sensual and ambiguous posture. [...]

[...] In fact, the best advertisement for an advertisement is to create a parody of it! We have seen that the process of diversion is used repeatedly in advertisements (misuse of symbols with the campaign Leclerc,) films or paintings. Diversion is also used against advertising to combat its effects and what it represents in our society. In this area, recent years have seen a subtle negative response to anti-advertising ads. Advertisers are now taking over the criticism that they are allocated to increase their sales. It is this development chasm that [...]

[...] Diverting advertising uses the practice of satirizing or parodying advertising campaigns and policies in order to deform or criticize the original message. Diversions can take the form of a new image or the alteration of an existing image. This expression is derived from the word American subvertising. It is a portmanteau word containing the contraction of the word "subverted" (subversion) and advertising (advertising). Adbusters, a Canadian magazine and a leading proponent of the culture-cons and the diversion of advertising, has made a good summary of the objectives of this method. [...]

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