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Does men perfume advertising influence French men (Nantes) consumers in their decision making process?

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  1. Introduction
    1. Background
    2. Reasons for choosing the topic
    3. Aims and objectives of the study
  2. Perfume industry and market review
    1. Introduction
    2. Definition of perfume market
    3. Perfume market in France
    4. Men target
    5. Conclusion
  3. Literature review
    1. Luxury and perfume market
    2. Brand image and brand personalty
    3. Advertising
    4. Marketing
  4. Research methodology
    1. Introduction
    2. Research questions
    3. Research design
    4. Research strategy and data collection tools
    5. Types of data collected
    6. Pilot study
  5. Primary data analysis, results and discussion
  6. Conclusion and recommendations

The advertising is currently present everywhere in our society where the information and the communication are dominant. Indeed, the studies demonstrate that we receive on average three thousand advertisements a day intended to influence us, what illustrates perfectly the omnipresence of the cultural and social mediation as economical in our everyday life. So, numerous researchers in the world were interested and still wonder about the effects that advertising can have on the individuals and noticed at the end of their studies that advertising has an influence in several domains among which: psychology, sociology, politics, anthropology (Brierley, S. 2002). This capacity of advertising to manipulate the individual without that this one realizes, results from the acquisition of certain remarkable techniques. The example of television, which is the media most used to advertise, constitutes a great illustration (Peter, J. Paul. Et al 2005). So, from the reception to the influence of advertising is a very wide process which deserves to be studied doubtless by leaning on various theories and studies made by numerous researchers in the domains of the psycho sociology and the sociocultural anthropology to clarify better this ambiguous phenomenon.
Indeed, we notice that more and more men take care of them and adopt traditionally feminine attitudes, as show of it the "metrosexuals" for whom the perfume is an essential element of their everyday life. An aspect which also consolidated the relation between perfume and marketing was the wealth and the variety of the advertising analysis of men perfumes, which we see everywhere (magazine, television, cinema, bus shelter) nowadays. This type of advertising is particularly interesting because mostly based on the denotation rather than the connotation. This "poetic" characteristic seemed interesting to analyze (Durgee, F.G 1990) ; Okonkwo, U. 2007). Advertising can have a considerable influence in the choice of the perfume, because it conveys a state of mind, it makes dream. Then, it tempts certain consumers to look like the model that is on the advertising. Finally, it is thanks to advertising that the manufacturer becomes known (Mandel, N. 2006). It should also be kept in mind that perfume is a luxury good and it has not to be considered like a common product.

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