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E-Marketing: Advertising on the internet (Internet advertising)

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  1. The various tools of online advertising
    1. Tools
    2. The banner
    3. Sponsored links
    4. The sponsorship
    5. Alliances and affiliate programs
    6. E-mailing Campaigns
  2. Rich-media: a tool for the future
  3. Internet: A growing market
    1. Changes in the number of Internet users and impact of online advertising
    2. E-pub at the expense of other media

In recent years the Internet has evolved, and with it technologies have matured that have led to an actual rise of the digital economy viz. high-speed powerful computers, standardization of languages and technologies. The creators of information content, administrative and commercials are able to offer a genuine offer online to prospective buyers. In addition, familiarization and handling of web surfers, whose population has greatly increased, led to the emergence of an international phenomenon: Online Advertising.

[...] According to a recent survey of advertisers in the Web, online advertising is no longer the main impact of increased brand awareness of advertisers talk about the positive effects on sales and intentions purchase. Acquiring new customers through banners linked to games or mini sites, is also one of the strengths of online advertising, according to 66% of advertisers E-pub at the expense of other media The global market for online advertising has more than doubled between 2005 24 billion) and the projected for 2010 55 billion), annual growth will average to 18% for five years to come as per existing growth patterns. [...]

[...] for example, immediately below the result page or on the left or the right with a clear sign stating it's a sponsored link. The sponsorship This is to associate a brand with a website, allowing an advertiser to target potential customers. It can materialize in the form of an image, link or content provided by the advertiser. Alliances and affiliate programs are based on an agreement between undertakings anywhere in order to promote each of them, for example,, a leading online auction sites has more than 350,000 affiliates around the world displaying the banners on their websites. [...]

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