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E-marketing in the European industry

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The benefits of the Internet as a new distribution system are undeniable, both from the standpoint of the advertiser and the consumer. Practicing e-commerce allows a company to customize its relationship with the customer, and achieve more satisfaction. It also helps to move from a mass market based on standardization and volumes, to a highly individualized one offering customized products.

In addition, the consumer has direct access to the offer without having to budge from his home. The company can sell anywhere, to anyone in the world, and has a better responsiveness to the market. It creates new opportunities and markets by differentiating itself from competitors by targeting new customers, and improving the processing time of orders.

The customer is becoming less patient or has less free time, and the merchant must be able to position his offer more accurately and faster in the consumer's mind. From the perspective of consumers, the new distribution system is preferred, as it is possible to order and pay easily through the mechanism of home delivery, as soon as possible (this being the main criterion for retention of the quality and variety of products offered).

This offers direct access to a range of products without any limitation of time or place, and thus the consumer can enjoy many services and easily choose the product that matches his/her expectations. Thus, the marketing policy established around the launch and management of a website will help find a balance between the expectations of the producer and those of consumers.

This policy has specific marketing advantages versus traditional marketing policies. The company-client relationships on the Internet are fundamentally changed. We are in the presence of one-to-one marketing, which enables true personalization of the relationship and the establishment of a system that is 'tailor-made for the masses ".

In addition, the resources available to the company are very specific, and the factor of interactivity dominates the market. The shares of advertising and promotions become dynamic, and the client or prospective consumer becomes an element of this promotion.

This is for example the case with advertising banners, which, in most cases, constitute a call to action. In addition to the personal relationship, the Internet offers the possibility of targeting at low cost.

With new features of the Internet, it is possible for the company to obtain feedback of information much more efficiently than a traditional enterprise. The company is able to measure relatively easily and quickly the results of its online store, and this easy performance measurement becomes a key success factor in adapting the company's offer to its consumer base.

It is therefore legitimate to ask what impact e-marketing can have on the online travel industry and if this new marketing approach actually allowed the development of this sector.Tour operators are increasingly expressing the interest to be present on the Internet and conduct an active policy of conquest through this channel.

Tags: E-marketing in the European industry, Customization of services, mechanism of home delivery

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