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Efficiency of tele-marketing activities and its viability

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  1. Introduction
  2. The nationalized banks
  3. MNC's banks in India
  4. Marketing of banking products
  5. Industry profile of ABN AMRO
  6. The three global strategic business units
    1. Consumer & commercial clients
    2. Private clients & asset management
    3. Wholesale clients
  7. Major products and services of ABN AMRO
  8. SWOT analysis
  9. The functional areas of ABN AMRO
  10. Market study of ABN AMRO in relationship to its competitors
  11. Findings and interpretations from the market study
  12. Suggestions and conclusions

Banking regulation Act of India, 1949 defines banking as: ??accepting, for the purpose of lending or investment of deposits of money from the public, repayable on demand or otherwise and with drivable by cheque, draft, and order or otherwise.''

The Indian banking can be broadly categorized into:
Nationalized (government owned)banks, Private banks
Specialized banking institutions

The Reserve Bank of India acts as a centralized body monitoring any discrepancies and shortcoming in the system. It is the foremost monitoring body in the Indian financial sector. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has helped maintain the stability of the Indian Banking system through ??prompt corrective actions''. It is now migrating to a risk-based supervision system, and is charting a road map for transition to the new Basel Capital Accord by March 2007, RBI has played a supportive role to maintain confidence in the banking system.

Until independence, the banking system was primarily associated with urban culture. In order to achieve the social and economic objectives of the country, the banks have to spread out into rural an dun-banked areas and make credit available to the large mass of people in those areas. Therefore, in 1950, the Imperial Bank of India was asked to expand its offices in rural areas and it was brought under government control in July 1955 and renamed State Bank of India.

[...] Industry estimates indicate that out of 274 commercial banks operating in India banks are in the public sector and 51 are in the private sector. Indian nationalized banks are the major lenders in the economy due to their sheer size and penetrative networks which assures them high deposit mobilization. MNC BANKS IN INDIA Currently about 25 MNC banks are licensed to operate in India. Foreign bank branches in India finance trade through their global networks. The focus of the MNC banks have always been centered around the customer Understanding his needs, preempting him and consequently delighting him with various configurations of benefits and a wie portfolio of products and services. [...]

[...] ABN AMRO Bank has launched its Private Banking Services in India offering a comprehensive range of high quality Portfolio Advisory Services along with a comprehensive transaction execution platform, complemented by personalized banking and custodial services. THREE GLOBAL STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNITS (SBU'S) I. Consumer & Commercial Clients for individuals and small to medium sized enterprises requiring day-to-day banking. ABN AMRO serves approximately 15 million clients, main through major presence in three home markets: the US Midwest, the Netherlands and Brazil. The Business Unit New Growth Markets is also expanding its consumer and commercial operations in selected countries such as India, Hungry and Thailand. [...]

[...] Hence, the title of the project is ?Efficiency of Tele Marketing activities and its viabilities?. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To find out the banking product of Current Account used by businessmen in Bangalore City and the medium through which they know about it. To find out the reach of Tele-marketing by different banks. To find out the effectiveness and willingness of business people to transact with Tele-Marketers. To find out the performance of Tele-Marketing of ABN AMRO Bank. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Type of Research : Exploratory research by survey method. [...]

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