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Experiences of Apple’s symbolic foundations

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Methods.
  3. Theoretical framework.
  4. History.
  5. Apple's symbolic foundations: Counter culture.
    1. Evolution of logos.
    2. Apple as democratic.
    3. Apple as individualistic.
    4. Apple as stylistic.
    5. Apple as status symbols.
  6. How do people experience Apple technologies.
  7. Analysis.
  8. Conclusions.
  9. Works cited.

Sparked by a phenomenon that I call ?I-culture?; this research attempts, at first, to delineate the contours of the technological culture that Apple attempts to construct through various symbolic approaches. It then explores how people receive these symbolic messages. Finally, in light of three technological theories, it attempts to unearth whether people shape the meanings of Apple products or whether the products shape people's lives. The paper is divided into the following sections: methods, theoretical framework, Apple's history, Apple's counter cultural messages (symbolisms of democracy, individuality, style, and status), how people experience Apple technologies, analysis, and conclusions.

In terms of methodology, I first set out to delineate the contours of the technological culture that Apple attempts to construct. This was done through analyzing symbolic meanings present in their website and through analyzing symbolic meaning present in their advertisements and commercials, and through the evolution of their logos. Next, I used many different texts in order to construct a theoretical framework for my research.

[...] Apple has really propelled the ?fashionization' of technology to the point that one interviewee even called her i-pod In terms of status symbols, as demonstrated by my research and interviews, Apple products have a certain air of superiority about them that make them eligible products to display, to draw attention to, to convey symbolic messages aforementioned. Conclusions: Do Apple Technologies Change Society or Do People Shape Meanings of the Products? In light of the three theoretical frameworks, technological symbolism, technological determinism and social determinism, my research supports all these theories to a certain degree. [...]

[...] After establishing the symbolic messages of Apple technologies, I wanted to see how people, themselves related to them. I asked several people how they experience their Apple products and these were some responses: It's kind of sad but I seriously can't live without my i-pod. I seriously take it with me everywhere I go (Personal Interview, 2008). I'm going to admit something really pathetic but I'll be late to class if my i-pod is dead so I can charge it quickly for 10 minutes (Personal Interview, 2008). [...]

[...] To conclude, because all of these theories apply to a certain degree, Apple technologies can be viewed as symbolic artifacts that both shape and are shaped by society. Works Cited ?Apple 1984.? Commercial. You Tube Nov "Apple Inc . " Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopædia Britannica Online Dec . Apple Website. Dec 2008. Apple Nov 2008.> Apple Website. Dec 2008. Get a Mac Nov 2008. Apple Website. Dec 2008. iPod and iTunes Nov 2008.

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