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Feasibility study: Creation of marketing for a mobile agency in India

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The advertising market is undergoing a major restructure. Numerous acquisitions and mergers took place last year in companies specializing in mobile marketing. Let us take the example of the case of acquisition of Enpocket, the American manufacturer of Nokia.

A few days earlier, the advertising group Publicis announced the purchase of French Phonevalley that specializes in solutions for mobile communication. In May, Microsoft had set its sights on another small French company, Sreentonic. AOL had taken possession of Third Screen Media. Some others like Google or Yahoo did not hide their desire to expand their powers on the mobile front.

In the market of advertising, Chris Thomas, president of the British advertising agency, Proximity, recognizes that the share of budget devoted to mobile marketing is still very low. However, he foresees it to develop rapidly as was the case with online advertising. In a span of five years, he feels that the percentage spent on mobile campaigns will be 3 to 5% of total expenditures (

Numerous studies show that communication, and more particularly, the mobile market, is a real high-growth sector. Thus, in 2010, OMSYC (Global communication systems) had a market share of over 600 billion dollars in revenue generated exclusively by the sale of mobiles in the world.

Almost 84% of the 600 billion dollars of revenue are generated by services. The services market's growth has been relatively stable since 1996 (less steadily since 2001 with an average annual growth of 3% for the past 6 years). Also, it should generate about 84% of telecommunications revenues for 2010, so that it represents 78% of the market in 2007.

Over the past ten years, mobile operators have focused on building the largest, fastest and best networks. Investments in networks worth 2.5 bn , 3 bn and now 3.5 bn around the world have created added value to the services offered and allows a greater ARPU (average revenue per user).

Informa Telecoms and Media research shows that voice ARPU fell to a world average of $19.38 in 2006 to $ 17.65 in 2007 and is expected to decrease another $ 1.34 (7.6%) in 2008
Thus. operators push into the market allow applications that can be implemented in sync with Bluetooth, 2D code, the NFC, the idle screen, etc. All these applications are all techniques that enable brands to communicate directly with their end customer, to have a good CRM, to create traffic in stores, etc.

In India, each of the advertising and mobile marketing sectors of communication represent 4.35 billion euros with an increase of 13% per year in 2008 for advertising and $ 217 million for mobile services.

In addition, posting the second highest growth rate among major economies, India tends to progressively open up to international trade, deregulating its market in a prudent but steady manner. While some sectors are still dependent on foreign investment, the gradual opening of the market was never really challenged, confirming the status of the country of the world's largest democracy.

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