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Green marketing and sustainable development in France: What are their impacts on a company’s strategy?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Environment and responsible consumption.
    1. Responsible consumption presentation.
    2. Responsible consumption's background.
    3. The context.
  3. The green consumer.
    1. All the parties involved in sustainable development.
    2. Consumers' analyze.
    3. The mix-marketing.
  4. All the parties involved.
    1. Consequences of the setting up of the green marketing into companies.
    2. Consequences for distribution groups.
    3. Why do distributors need to be interested in environmental issues?
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

The environment and its protection occupy an increasingly significant part of our quotidian. The safety actions of our environment are growing, thus we can see the development of the selective sorting, green transport (bus functioning with gas for example), the removal of the plastic bags at cashiers' desks etc. This tendency was initiated mainly by the citizens and NGO and it starts to be used by companies. By convictions or for not being late, many companies change their modes of production and consumption, and are thus becoming increasingly attentive to the respect of the environment. This green "turn" can be used to sell more, Green Marketing puts in its appearance. This dissertation will be divided into three main parts. The first part will deal with general considerations about environment and responsible consumption, in order to settle the actual context, including a brief historical and explanation of the evolution on these subjects. The second part is going to be more focused on the consumer. The following questions will be tackled and discussed: What's his role in the sustainable development? Do its choices have a great impact on companies' strategies? What level of sacrifices can they bear? The third and last past of this dissertation is going to speak about the different actors of green marketing such as employees or distributors. At least, a comparison will also be made between the reaction and the solution found in Taiwan and in France, facing to the environmental issues.

[...] It shows that people are more and more aware of the fact that resources of the planet are not inexhaustible and that environment issues are not going to do better in the future what encourages companies to take interest into green marketing, the marketing of the future. Green marketing thus corresponds to the use of environment and its protection to sell more. Protection of environment is one of the mainstays of the sustainable development, term that we can find almost everywhere today. [...]

[...] According to ken Peattie (1992, pp25-26), to be green means: - A concern for life on earth - A concern for future generations - A concern for other countries and other people - A desire to develop sustainable alternatives to environmentally destructive economic growth. - A desire to protect the environment as part of a process of improving the quality of human life, globally and in the long term. - A desire for a ?fairer' world, through more equitable patterns of trade and through open participatory government at every level of society - A desire to move away from the values of consumption and materialism towards the values of conservation, sharing and self-reliance. [...]

[...] Consequently, distributors create partnership with brands and multiply marketing actions in order to dissociate themselves and to improve their image. As environment is popular today, it could be a way to improve distributors' quality approaches. It would be long term commitments, contrary to short term commercial actions, with settings which would last for few years. This could be the next evolution stage just after the apparition of a ?consumption universe? and of subsidiary services. In order to show the importance of taking interest in environment for companies and thus for distributors, Mrs. [...]

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