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Heineken marketing strategy and communication mix

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  1. Introduction
  2. Keineken Company
    1. Brand's history
    2. Beer brands
    3. Heineken Values
    4. Competitors
    5. Sponsorships
    6. Target audiences
    7. Brand's current positioning problem
  3. Marketing communication strategy
  4. Media planning
    1. Continuous rising method
    2. Continuous Alternating method
    3. Level continous method
  5. New strategic targets
    1. Young adult 15-34
    2. Housewives and mothers
  6. Marketing communication mix
    1. Electronic campaign
    2. Mass media Campaign
    3. Sales promotion
    4. Face to face negotiations with retailers (B2B)
  7. Budget details and total budget

In the Irish market, the beer industry is very important. Beer consumption is a way of life for the Irish people. Few international companies share the market. The most famous is Guinness. In order to stay strong in this competitive market and to maintain or gain market shares and also to reach more customers, companies use strong communication thanks to advertisings and sponsorships and a vigorous promotion in the shops.

The consumption has been helped since the government has highly taxed hard alcohols and wines, beer became the least expensive and the most sold drink in Ireland. Then, the competition in the beer industry has become stronger than before and has opened more opportunities for the company.

However, alcohol consumption and especially for young people is a scourge in Ireland. More and more children drink it because they have easy access to beer even if they are not adults. Alcoholised beer is consumed at any time especially during dinner with the family.

In this context, some companies have tried to launch alcohol-free beer in order to reach other customers and to change their image of beer. That is the case of the Heineken Company with the beer BUCKLER. But Buckler beer's sales have not succeeded in Ireland. At first, it is obvious that alcohol-free beer is not a star product in Ireland due to high commitment of consumers to beer consumption, but because of other countries in Europe, there is a market for this kind of beer.

Ireland continues to rank among the highest consumers of alcohol in the EU. Despite their reputation as a nation in love with the drink, 20pc of Irish adults claim that they are teetotallers. Alcohol free beer represents 1% of the beer market in Ireland

[...] In this report, we will try a re-positioning of the product and try to develop and effectively integrate a marketing communication campaign to raise sales of Buckler beer. First of all, we will present the company with its key features, and then we will detail the profiles of the two main targets of the company for the repositioning of Buckler beer. After defining the communication strategy, we will draw the media planning used for the campaign. In the main and final part, we will discuss about the implementation of the communication mix for Buckler beer. [...]

[...] Marketing communication strategy The aim of the communication strategy is not to change the way of consumption of the Irish people because beer is like an institution in Ireland. Buckler is obviously not a beer for parties but takes a place of in the beer market. It's more to attract, thanks to communication activities and new message, other customers like young people, non alcohol drinkers of Irish people don't drink alcohol), housewives and pregnant women. The implementation will take place for a specific re-launch of the beer just before the summer. [...]

[...] Thanks to the experts for evaluating the communication campaign, we will know the image and the effectiveness of the advertisements on the consumers. It will show us three aspects: Cognitive: attract customers Emotion and desire: attract interests Behaviour: Purchase by customers Nevertheless, that method is quite expensive but we think that it has to be a part of our communication campign. Evaluation and measurement is very important in order to know if we were wrong. If the expert company will follow our campaign from the beginning, it will also help us to regulate whether it's required. [...]

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