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Improving Vichy Sun Care sales for teenagers and young adults

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  1. Introduction to Vichy sun care products
  2. Strategic marketing
    1. Current market situation
    2. Offers of competitors
  3. SWOT analysis of Vichy (focused on 13-25 years old people)
  4. Strategic matrix of Vichy for 13-25 years old people
  5. Brands and positioning
  6. Operational marketing
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliography

The objective of our work is to increase the sales of Vichy sun care products for the segments of 13 ? 25 years old people. To reach to our target group, we used two main marketing styles which are strategic marketing and operational marketing.

In strategic marketing, firstly we analyzed the current market situation. We noticed that there is an increasing market in sun care products. Secondly, we investigated the other competitors in the market. We reached the information that there is a high competition and in this competition, La Roche Posay is the leader. In addition, consumer characteristics have changed sharply in recent years. People are more aware of dangers of the sun. Hence, it has become an opportunity for us which we have told in the SWOT analysis part.

We made a deep SWOT analysis of Vichy in our work and realized that Vichy has good strengths for the market.

In order to increase the sales of Vichy's products, we segmented our target market into four groups according to their age and gender. Then we followed a suitable way with our segments in strategic marketing and in our brands and positioning.
We developed four brands each for our segments. They are ?SunBlue? for teenage boys, ?SunBlack? for older boys, ?Pearl Protect? for teenage girls and ?Diamond Protect? for older girls. Then we used different packaging for each brand.

After strategic marketing, we focused on operational marketing. First, we analyzed each of our products and gave information about their special features. Then we introduced the price for our products.
In operational marketing, we also analyzed our communication with people. We decided to make it in two main parts which are education and promotion.

[...] For example, we are planning to create special pages on Vichy website dedicated to each respective brand with a lot of information and interactive games directly related to the target group. In addition, we plan to distribute sample of products at the outdoor of secondary school high school and university with attached a document with clear information about sun risks and the benefits of our Vichy products. Because consumers are loyal they will purchase the product after. In order to reinforce the medical image, we also want to take place in the waiting rooms of general practitioners. [...]

[...] They are of the top leaders in France mass-market sun care business with Vichy and l'Oréal. They create different types of sun care products. They market their products to the same target market as us, but not through the same distribution channels as we do. Their products hold a great brand image and are well known. Our mains direct competitors (who sold products only in pharmacies/drugstores) are ISDIN Ladival and Louis Widmer. ISDIN exists to take care of the skin with reliable and scientifically tested products. [...]

[...] The sun care market is the smallest sector in the cosmetic and toiletries market, accounting for only of the global market value in 2000. In 2007, the sun market generated total revenues of billion[1]. The fact that people are more aware of dangers of the suns rays today makes it one of the fastest growing segments in the industry (See chart below). From 1997 to 2006, a 10 year period, the worldwide market has grown by almost 90% that is almost the double in market value. [...]

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