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International marketing

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Relationship Marketing (RM) theory
  4. The three stages of development
  5. Swift's view
  6. The cultural assimilation
  7. The role of Export Processing Zones
  8. The issue of internationalization
  9. Barriers to internationalization
  10. Success to international marketing campaign
  11. Conclusion
  12. References

Internationalization was a restricted enterprise for most of the companies till very recent times. Only big firms could afford to go international for the enormous cost involved in international ventures. However, the process of globalization, and coming in existence of regional and global trade bodies have created a level playing field for the companies to enter into global business. The entire world has become a common market with dilution of cross-national trade barriers. As a result the companies ? big and small ? are globalizing at an unprecedented scale. Profit motive is of course the prime consideration when a company decides to venture into an unexplored territory. However, there are a number of factors that have made the task easier. The nations across the world are constructing duty free zones, and exclusive economic zones offering unmatched infrastructural facilities to foreign and domestic businesses. The internet technology combined with revolutionary advances in telecommunications has facilitated the task of international marketing as never before. Small and medium businesses can now take full advantage of these technologies at a very low cost. However, going international despite the political, social, and technological changes in recent years, needs careful planning and strategizing to avoid unexpected and unforeseen consequences.

[...] Conclusion: The globalization process has opened new and innovative international marketing opportunities. While smaller domestic companies may be pushed into internationalization as a survival strategy, international marketing is gaining greater ascendancy as a norm for companies big or small for the opportunities offered by global expansion. Nevertheless, internationalization remains a strategic decision that calls for in-depth research as several factors might create barriers to internationalization resulting in losses difficult to sustain for smaller companies. References Advantages and Challenges of Exporting, Tekle, S., Viewed October Alden, S., & and Batra, R. [...]

[...] Relationship Marketing theory when transferred from a domestic to an international context can lead to the emergence of various factors that may hinder the development of cross cultural business relationships. It is seen that psychic relationship has a direct bearing on RM strategy. The higher the level of psychic distance, the greater is the effort required. In other words, the level of psychic distance has a direct bearing on financial and psychological investment required to develop a successful RM strategy (Conway & Swift, 1999:1391). [...]

[...] In this way a strong attempt is made to the thinking approaches, the decision making process and the interaction between this and the cultural and other forces influencing the buyer.? The International Marketing and Purchasing group found as a major factor in the development of business relationship, as for instance percent of French buyers did not like dealing with UK suppliers (Swift 185). Therefore, a correlation may be said to exist between cultural similarity and cultural affinity. In context of international business, while cultural assimilation may be difficult, if not impossible, it is more important to avoid cultural blunders. [...]

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