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First year internship: Axa (business school)

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  1. Company presentation
    1. AXA France
    2. AXA Agency Carré d'As
  2. Mission entrusted and tasks done
    1. Interest for the internship
    2. Mission
    3. Products
    4. Schedule and details of the commercial operation
    5. Difficulties
  3. Conclusion
    1. Issue
    2. Internship assessment
    3. Thanks

AXA is a French group rooted from the merge of various insurance companies whose the most ancient was created in 1816.

L'Ancienne Mutuelle de Rouen was a small French insurance society created during the XIXth century whose main function was to cover the agricultural risks in Normandy.

Over this cooperation the future group of AXA will be developed.
In 1978 l'Ancienne Mutuelle takes the control of the Compagnie parisienne de garantie, renamed Mutuelle parisienne de garantie. The cooperative Ancienne mutuelle is renamed Mutuelles Unies.

In 1982, Mutuelles Unies buy the Drouot Group. The whole of this becomes the first private insurance group in France. In July of 1985: AXA becomes the corporate denomination of the all Mutuelles Unies /Drouot.

[...] AXA insurance Company makes plenty of methodologic documents available for the independent agencies allowing to learn commercial methods. To manage general agents' schedules. (Write interview and phone appointment's dates). During each phone call it was necessary to me to have in front of me general agents' schedules in order to find an available time slot to organize an appointment between clients and general agents. Most of the time, it was about planning phone call appointments. Cold calling (Phone calls to the clients). This is the achievement of all the work done before. [...]

[...] My internship master Mr de C. helped me a lot so that I could make the pre- canvass period preparation concrete. Nevertheless during the cold calls, I had to face many difficulties (demanding of the clients, lack of knowledge of the field, unavailability of the clients or lack of interest of the clients called for the products). After, the phone relaunch helped me a lot because it enabled me to correct the mistakes I had committed during the first cold call. [...]

[...] Many companies still do it and in each field. During a cold call process considered like ?aggressive?, the client will not have pleasure to discuss with a salesperson, he will fell attacked and will not want to buy the product that the company is trying to sell him. Otherwise canvassing enables this link between the seller and the buyer. In the insurance's world: between the general agent or salesperson and the client. By canvassing the general agent or the involved salesperson highlights company's available products he is working for. [...]

[...] Schedule and details of the commercial operation In order to set up the commercial strategy to sell both products I had to organize the schedule of the activities and the steps I was going to proceed knowing that this commercial planning takes into account notions of commercial negotiation, computer skills and marketing. The steps were the following: Selection and classification of the clients to canvass in the portfolios of the general agents. I had to construct an Excel table and put into alphabetic order the 115 clients I had to carry out. Then I entered each data of each client (postal address, zip code, electronic address, phone number, cell phone number, first postal letter send's date, first phone call's date, and relaunch phone call's date). [...]

[...] Bonjour Mr/Mme, Je suis, E. S. le collaborateur du Cabinet AXA Mr P. S. votre Agent AXA Je vous appelle suite au COURRIER que je vous ai adressé la semaine dernière et qui concerne une information sur la garantie protection familiale intégrale. Avez-vous bien reçu ce courrier ? Et en avez avez-vous pris connaissance ? Conclusion : J'attends donc de recevoir votre réponse. Je vous remercie d'avoir pris le temps de m'écouter, Bonne fin de journée et au revoir. [...]

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