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How is the cosmetic marketing depicted based on culture?

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  1. Literature review
    1. Standardization versus adaptation
    2. Advertising strategies
    3. Cultural theories
    4. A common way of sharing: communication
  2. Cosmetic market
    1. Cosmetic worldwide market
    2. French's cosmetics market
    3. China's cosmetics market
  3. Methodology
    1. Research approach
    2. Sampling
    3. Limitations of the research
  4. Advertisements analysis
    1. Advertising elements
    2. Cosmetics' habits: the differences between France and China
    3. Local brands advertisements
  5. Discussion and implications
    1. Advertising processes: cultural differences
    2. Strategies variations
    3. France's versus China's means of promotion
    4. Challenge of the cultural theory beyond advertisements
    5. The cosmetics' hidden face

For ages, in depth analyses address the cultural issue worldwide. A key consideration for marketing managers is recognizing that cultures are based upon different assumptions about the way societies should do things. A set of criteria underlined over this paper maintains the controversy between standardization and adaptation strategies through French and Chinese cosmetic advertisements. Worldwide organization involves different values and challenges have to be overcome to succeed. Put consumers' buying motives in touch with adverts by being thorough require consumers' high involvement. Despite the importance of keeping a single target, promises, proofs and benefits for consumers have to be relevant and eyes catching in order to maintain the brand awareness. Hence, emotional appeals can converge into positive or negative impacts on product and brand' notoriety.

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