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Is the French concept of quality as the same at Japanese concept of quality? If it is not, how would you relate it to the differences between the Japanese and French cultures? If it is, why is quality a culturally universal concept?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The concept of quality.
  3. France.
  4. Japan.
  5. Comparison.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

In this rapport, we will see if the French concept of quality is the same than the Japanese one. We will explain why they are or they are not the same.
In the first part, we will define the concept of quality, in the second, we will analyse what is this concept of quality in France. Then, we will analyse the concept of quality in Japan. To finish, we will compare these differences and comment them according to the culture of each country and we will conclude.
I.The concept of quality
Quality is not an exact science but a complex and multiform concept, it evaluation is not easy and the consumer considers different elements according to the products and circumstances.Communication analyzes the factors which train the consumer rather than resort to the indicators to ensure itself of quality of the product or service. These factors can be the service, the brand, the design or name of the store?

[...] In France For the French Consumers, the quality of a product is judged by: The brand of this product Its characteristics Its lifespan Its origin Its manufacturing process Its capacity to be recycled In first places, the brand of the product is very important with for French. If two products have the same characteristics, they prefer to pay more and have the product of the best brand. However, we observe, these last years, an interest growing for the discounts products. [...]

[...] The capacity for a product to be recycled (and its characteristics ecological) starts to be really important. It's another mark of quality (aerosols for example). It has to be said that fashion products have a very good quality image for the French even if these products are only very simple gadgets; toys or clothing (for example, flip-flops this summer in France). French marketing insists on the quality of the products in the communication campaigns. We observe in France a lot of publicity communicates more on quality of the product than on these characteristics. [...]

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