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Marketing case: Kinder Surprise

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  1. Introduction
  2. Kinder surprise
    1. Description
    2. Its origins
  3. Marketing approach
    1. Targets
    2. Packaging
    3. Wrapping
    4. Kinder surprise colors
    5. The lay out
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

All of us have childhood memories that we cherish and very often there are little things such as smells and foods that take us back to our past. One such thing is Kinder Surprise manufactured by Ferrero, a mix of sweets and fun that has been putting smiles on children's faces ever since it was created. This simple product was able to survive harsh international competition for more then thirty years. Of course, this is due to the great quality of this product but at the same time Ferrero used a very effective marketing strategy to attract clients and to develop their loyalty. Therefore, this case study will to deal with Kinder Surprise packaging to see what message Ferrero is trying to send to its consumers. First, we will see how this product was created which will later be followed by a deeper analysis of its packaging.

[...] For this reason, colorful Kinder Surprise words are right in the middle of the egg, which is intended for children to see while there is a blue rectangle on the upper right hand side with a message addressed to the parents- more milk, less coco. This time, there is a direct message about nutritive benefits of Kinder Surprise that parents can easily see. Here, we can see that the order and place of each image on packaging are a part of marketing strategy. [...]

[...] Kinder Surprise has been selling for more then thirty years and it has become very popular but the process of creating this egg was long and it consisted of different stages of development. It can be said with certainty that Ferrero was able to change the image of the Easter egg and increase its sales by doing it. II) Marketing approach Marketing plays an important role in a life of any product. Philip Kotler, man considered as creator of marketing as an academic field and the world's foremost expert in marketing, has declared that marketing the social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others?. [...]

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