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Marketing study of Nutella

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  1. The supply of Ferrero Group
    1. History
    2. An unprecedented growth
    3. The mode of production and its unique recipe
    4. Health, weight, diabetes: Nutella questions to answer.
    5. Reference groups
    6. Diversification
  2. Demand Analysis
    1. Demand size
    2. Nutella answers the consumer demand
    3. Nutella, more than just spreads

Nutella owes its origin to its name, "nut" as in the English walnut, with reference to the main ingredient used in making it originally and to which was added the Italian suffix "ella". This spread was developed in 1946 by Pietro Ferrero, and was called the Giandujot. This product has transcended time and generations, and of course has undergone many changes.

Ferrero, the company that produces the Nutella, consolidated its sales in 2004 to 4.4 billion euros.In 12 years, Ferrero France has increased its turnover by three times. it has 15,500 employees, 29 sales offices, 50 types of products that are manufactured and sold, and finally an average annual production of 658 000 tonnes of product.The main producers are European countries like Italy, Germany, France and Belgium.

Today, the Ferrero Group is ranked sixth in the world in chocolate confectionery sector with a leading position in Europe (Germany, Italy and France). Several brands belong to Ferrero: Mon Cheri, Kinder, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella.

Nutella is the most consumed product in the range of the Ferrero Group. Indeed, it is the undisputed market leader spreads with 89% market share.Today, almost one in two households has bought the famous chocolate spread at least once a year, and with extraordinary fidelity.Over 88 million jars are consumed annually in France. With global annual production of pots of 400g, we could go around the earth.

The first French production of Nutella factory Escalles Villiers dates back to 1965. Nearly 800 people work for the Ferrero company in France located on three sites: Mont St Aignan, in Villiers-Escalles and Grand Quevilly. A sales force is distributed over the whole of the French territory.

Nutella has become indispensable due to its unique taste, and its smoothness. Backed by significant investment in advertising and attractive promotions, the brand has become a myth in 40 years, and is unique and inimitable. The Ferrero Group selects special hazelnuts that are unique on the market. The group will seek an exclusive contract to producers of hazelnuts. Moreover, like Coca-Cola, Nutella has a recipe that is protected is to say a secret.

There is one question that bothers all parents and even adults: Will Nutella make you fat? Nutella answers back on its website "No product is fattening itself when it is consumed in reasonable quantities.In fact, only the excesses are magnified.

Thus, there is no reason why a reasonable consumption of Nutella on bread fora child who is eating a balanced diet and having regular physical activity should be a issue.The ideal method is to eat Nutella during structured and balanced meals (breakfast and lunch), with bread, fruit and a dairy. "

It is true that the hazelnut brings fat, but it primarily consists of vegetable fats and are devoid of cholesterol. They are mostly unsaturated fats that are necessary to promote in our daily diet.

Nutella contains only vegetable fats, and is devoid of cholesterol. Nutella contains good fat, and is mostly unsaturated (64% fat of Nutella). Crucial information of the government recommends to rebalance our fat intake with emphasis on unsaturated fats at the expense of saturated fat. However, even these fats should be consumed in reasonable quantities.

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[...] The last commercial of Nutella was called "Life Energy". It was filmed on the beaches of Belgium and Brussels. No fewer than fifty children participated in the filming of this ad. Despite the sometimes capricious weather, the atmosphere on set was to play, roll in the sand and focus on the fun! All these images of children make the essence of the ad and make one find their child in them. Nutella, more than just spreads The Table Nutella brand celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2005. [...]

[...] The name of Nutella appeared when it was already the most famous spreads decided to conquer Europe. Since then, Nutella, by dint of business processes and marketing has continued to retain its customers. Marketing The presentation of Nutella has experienced multiple changes over the past 35 years. In 1966 it was the first time this name appeared as Nutella. The product is packaged in tapered plastic cans. The design is simple, and only the cover has information. In the 1970s, the pot changed its shape. [...]

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