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Marketing techniques in the energy Industry

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Purpose of the report.
  4. Limitations.
  5. Scope of the report.
  6. Critical analysis of energy industry marketing.
    1. Implications of the micro environment.
    2. Implications of the macro environment.
  7. The Shell Oil Company.
    1. Organizational structure.
    2. Operations code.
    3. Organizational strategy.
    4. Customer care.
    5. Internal control and risk management.
    6. Technology and innovation.
  8. Devon Energy Corporation.
    1. Organizational structure.
    2. Operations code.
    3. Organizational strategy.
    4. Customer care service.
    5. Internal control and risk management.
    6. Technology and innovation.
  9. Comparative analysis.
  10. Conclusion.
  11. References.

The objective of this analysis is to evaluate the functional areas of marketing, financial resources, human resources, technology, operations and research and development relative to how they influence the success of companies within the global gas and petroleum energy production industry. The gas and petroleum energy production industry is one of the largest industries that accounts for the bulk of imports and export for the world's largest economies. The due to the bulk nature of the import and export of petroleum products, marine transport provides the key mode of international transport both for processed and crude petroleum energy products.Marketing, human resources, technology, financial resources and operations codes are the core functional areas of any business organization. The success of the different functional areas of organizations in the energy industry is usually determined by the levels of success in combining the multiple factors that affect an organization.

[...] The petroleum energy industry exists as a regulated business sector, a situation which, if combined with the relatively high fixed costs compared to other industries, makes it difficult for competitors to make entry. The high barriers to entry make the gas and petroleum business a favorable industry for the existing companies in the industry. The power of buyers is high where there are few large players in the market as is usually the case with large grocery chains. Consequently, this would translate to low costs of switching suppliers through factors induced by business competition. [...]

[...] The strategic concept of Devon Energy Corporation is best captured by the company's mission which states ?Devon Energy is a results oriented oil and gas company that builds value for its shareholders through its employees by creating an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity, resourcefulness, and by dealing with everyone in an open and ethical manner.? In order to achieve objectives set by the mission statement of such a magnitude, the company plans to address all future challenges through getting the best out of their leading brands and setting the right strategic direction for the company's products. [...]

[...] The market size the energy industry is important in determining the scope potential market for product line of a particular industry. This encompasses issues such as the utility market of the energy industry, which consists of all consumers who utilize the products of a particular energy manufacturing and processing industry in the target markets. As for the product life cycle, the energy industry is a relatively pragmatic industry that that is undergoing constant technological innovations and advancements. The market capitalization of the energy industry has grown tremendously in the 21st century. [...]

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