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Negotiating a sponsorship deal

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  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation of the parties
    1. Freeride Inc
    2. Aims and benefits of sponsorship for Freeride Inc
    3. Manager of James Miller (snowboarder)
    4. Aims and benefits of looking for a sponsorship for James
  3. Negotiation points and results
    1. The duty of the young snowboarder: What Freeride Inc expects from him
    2. The exclusivity
    3. The trainings
    4. Contract length
    5. Competitions
  4. Conclusion

Sponsorship is often set up in order to establish long term relationship and agreement between a rider and a company. Here is our negotiation folder on how to negotiate a sponsorship.

We choose to base our research on the snowboarding area because we think it is very popular in today's world. Moreover, it is the representative of a sponsorship negotiation because it bonds economic, marketing and communication stakes.

Dana Scavo is working for Freeride Inc and is in charge of hunting new talent in order to set up new sponsorship. She went to a contest and saw a young man called James. She believes that he could be interesting for the communication strategy of the brand, therefore she contacted his manager, Anna Finch, and decided to offer her to meet sometime soon in order to discuss about some potential agreements between the two parts. Anna accepted and now the negotiation between them is launched.

[...] Aims and benefits of looking for a sponsorship for James The job of sports manager is very complete. They have to co-ordinate marketing and publicity; recruit, train and manage staff; control a budget; analyze sales figures and set business targets etc . That is why they need money from companies. Gaining sponsors is one of the best ways to support your athletes financially and have them recognized publicly throughout the community. Hannah expects sponsors to pay for the training, the competition, the traveling expenses, the equipment etc . [...]

[...] Some data: - Turnover: 180 million dollars in 2007 - Growth: in 2007 Countries Amount of boards sold Average price (in USD) in a year Aims and benefits of sponsorship for Freeride Inc Sponsoring stars or new talents are popular and commonplace in surfing and snowboarding businesses. As a matter of fact, the population targeted by those brands is young, sportive and receptive to fashion and new trends. That is why it is really useful to use either famous people or people who are meant to be famous. [...]

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