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Perrier fluo analysis

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  1. Introduction
  2. History of Perrier fluo
  3. Trends and developments in the market
  4. Internal and external analysis
  5. Innovation
  6. Packaging and design
  7. Distribution channel
  8. My opinion
  9. Sources

Perrier is a very well known company in Europe, which is usually associated with a French style. Perrier is under the control of Nestlé water, who bought the company in 1992. Since this acquisition Perrier has tried to change its image and tried to target a younger audience, to be present in the boom of the new age segments.

Perrier is:

A 100% natural sparkling water and healthy alternative to the sugar drinks.

A production of 50 bottles per second.

A presence in over 130 countries in the world.

Perrier fluo is playing in the aquadrink market, which is very unstable because of the changes in the tendencies.

This market can be divided into segments such as flavored water, energy and sport drinks, ice tea all these segments are in full expansion and one of the keys for the success is the fame of the brand and the innovation and a mix between the distribution channels.

[...] The innovation With Perrier Fluo, Perrier stays creative from the packaging to the website, Perrier Fluo is a big risk for the company which changes the culture of its monoproduct, even if the bottle looks like more or less the traditional Perrier bottle. there anything better than the fizzy feeling of a soft drink on your tongue? Well, now add bursting flavors like Orange-Litchi, Citrus Fruit-Lemon, Cherry-Ginger and Lime-Kiwi and the idea of a soft drink just got more interesting. [...]

[...] Range of Perrier fluo: The product is proposed in different forms, but the range of Perrier Fluo changed and now the small bottles which were used to launch Perrier Fluo in France are not stopped in this country. Bottle of 1,25 liter, Bottle of 0,5 liter And can of 0,33 liter. The distribution channel Most of the products Perrier fluo are distributed by supermarkets; the product is also available in some gas stations and also in the automatic food dispensers. [...]

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