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Player in the international market: The introduction of Emmi energy drink

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  1. Introduction
  2. Company's goals and objectives
    1. Mission statement
    2. Actual strategy
    3. Business definition
  3. External analysis
    1. Customer analysis
    2. Trends for dairy market
  4. Market and segment analysis
    1. Distribution
    2. Competitors
    3. Consumption habits
  5. Environmental factors
  6. Porter's five competitive forces
    1. Potential entrances
    2. Buyers
    3. Substitutes
    4. Suppliers
    5. Industry competitors
  7. Internal analysis
    1. History
    2. The origin of the Emmi Group
  8. Financial analysis
  9. Performance of the research and development department (R&D)
  10. SWOT analysis
  11. Marketing strategy
  12. Marketing mix
  13. Schedule
  14. Conclusion
  15. Work cited

As the leading Swiss maker of cheese and milk, Emmi hopes to continue being one of Europe's innovation leaders and trendsetters in the market of milk products. The brand expects to see an above average growth in the international markets over the course of a year and annual growth of 2-3% over the next five years. One of the goals is also to expand its market position in innovative concepts, partnerships and acquisitions. Since continuous growth in international markets is a key goal of Emmis, it has plans on strengthening its position in key international markets through investments in distribution structures, magazine acquisitions and partnerships. Other goals for the future include developing new technologies to boost its competitive edge in the fast growing international market.

Emmi is inventor and producer of innovative, high quality milk products in different segments for customers who enjoy healthy and delicious food.

Is to expand Emmi's position in the Dutch market by introducing Emmi's Energy Milk into grocery stores within Rotterdam. Emmi will continue to differentiate itself from competitors by producing high quality products and focusing on innovation, customers, and the Emmi Brand.

Our strategy is to introduce Energy Milk as a way to help consumers, and specifically the target group of 10-24 year olds, fulfill their need for energy drinks in a healthy and nutritious manner.

[...] The Milk Energy drink: Milk Energy drink was introduced to the market in 1998 and is a natural and healthy energy booster. Although the drink is for a young target group, ages 10 to 24 years old, through market research the company has discovered that the number of people who are 70 years or older and drink the Milk Energy drink are increasing because of the vitamins and the nutrients it provides them. The drink has 5 important vitamins, calcium, Dextrose (for energy), fiber (for the digestive system) and important dairy proteins. [...]

[...] Statistics about Rotterdam 20 Population- Population density per km2 land 2,889 Housing stock- 285,982 Housing density per km2 land- 1,385 Age group population 2006 10- 20-29 30- 40- 50- 60- 70- 80- 90+ 4,160 Households 2006 Married without children 45,544 Married couple with children 45,801 Couple co habiting, with children 7,542 One-parent families 32,766 Number of family households Non-family households 144,861 Total households Pupils in education on 1 October 2005 Primary education 51,730 Special education 4,985 Secondary education 34,668 Vocational education Regular students registered at Erasmus University Rotterdam per faculty, October 1 total Sports complexes 2005 Sports halls and health clubs 10 Swimming pools 15 Athletics tracks 3 Tennis courts and centers 23 Football stadiums for professional clubs 3 Fitness centers 18 Outdoors sport complexes 30 Participation in sport of number of athletes in 2005) Football 222 Tennis 226 Badminton 100 Table tennis 118 Gymnastics/turner 86 Basketball 66 Volleyball 45 Hockey 58 Athletics 49 Porter's five competitive forces A theory/instrument for external marketing analysis, this to be aware of what could be the case when entering the market Potential entrances: A current trend in the food/ drink market is that almost every supermarket has created their own brand for competing against established companies. [...]

[...] Appeals to a lot of people Mix of energy + milk has negative High quality respond among consumers Needs to be served cold Opportunities Threats A lot of different target groups A lot of competitors in the energy New market for milk energy drinks market Able to market as an energy drink A lot of companies are now starting and as a milk drink make milk based energy drinks Dutch people drink + consume a lot of diary products S+W = Internal O+T = External The survey The purpose of the questionnaire was to learn more out the market that Emmi is entering by introducing the Milk Energy drink and to understand the needs, wants and motivations of the Dutch market. [...]

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