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Quin’Os marketing communications mix

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Quin'Os tasting adventure
    1. Mission and vision
    2. The target
  3. Creating an integrated marketing communications mix
    1. Marketing communication mix
    2. The Quin'Os Website
    3. Public relations
  4. Brand extension
    1. Promote international experience
  5. Control and evaluation
  6. Conclusion

This delicious new age recipe is the perfect complement to our modern diets.
Quin'Os is a cookie made of Quinoa flour which are rich in proteins and roasted Quinoa grains which impart crunchiness. The oil used is Canola oil, the good oil that makes a health difference compared to the commonly used palm oil. The sweetness comes from crystallized honey and the flavour ingredient is fresh vanilla. It has a diameter of 4 inches.

There will be an advertisement so the name does not need to be transparent. Though we have ?Quin? that is close to the main ingredient of the cookie: Quinoa; and O's is a reference to the usual tasty cookies such as: Oh Cookies, Oreo, Chip Ahoy, NewMan-O's.The name is still not descriptive or associative for customers to understand the product, so there will have to be a lot of investment to make the name known to popularize the brand.

The problem with the launch of a new cookie is the strong competition. The cookie market is enormous but the number of brands answers well to the demand so the space for a new cookie is very limited. Moreover, the competitors are multinationals with much experience and massive budgets: NabiscoWorld with 29 brands (operated by Kraft Food), Nestle, LU (also KraftFood), Cadbury (also KraftFood) etc. Another problem is the ?slow food? movement and other associations that are against any form of snacking, especially cookies; this movement promotes good health and fights obesity. However this problem could play in our favour if we launch a healthy cookie, it becomes the kind of product that an increasing amount of people are looking for. Let's look at the SWOT analysis before creating a successful new cookie.

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