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Rainy, Steady, Go

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  1. Executive summary
    1. Objectives
    2. Mission
    3. Keys to success
  2. Company summary
    1. Company ownership
    2. Company location and premises
  3. Products
    1. Product description: Umbrella
    2. Competitive comparison
    3. Sales literature
    4. Sourcing
    5. Future products
  4. Market analysis summary
    1. Market segmentation, target segmentation strategy, industry analysis and participants
    2. Competition, buying patterns and main competitors
  5. Marketing strategy
  6. Organizational structure and the management team
  7. Financial plan
    1. Important assumptions
    2. Advertising revenue
    3. Breakeven analysis
    4. Projected pro forma profit and loss in pounds
    5. Cash flow analysis
    6. Balance sheet and ratios
  8. Apendice
  9. Bibliography

Rainy, Steady, Go's aim is to install vending machines selling cheap emergency umbrellas in tube stations in London. Our market is for people of all sexes and ages who have forgotten their umbrellas. We have two streams of income:

1. Sales of umbrellas
2. Advertisements on umbrellas

Since our product launch six months ago (installation of umbrella vending machines in 20 London tube stations) we have worked to ensure that the umbrella vending concept was one where there was a niche in the market and that allowed us to make profits. In the medium term, we plan to expand to other English cities (Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds) where we will encounter a similar environment as in London. Furthermore we will diversify our product line by introducing ?emergency? raincoats and colourful umbrellas for kids

[...] We plan to employ 6 additional employees within the next three years. When expanding to other cities we will rent warehouses for storing our stock close to our vending machines. This will enable us to expand geographically within the United Kingdom. The prior calculations are based on the fact that easy jet as our partner contributes 40 pence per umbrella sold. As we have received a special business start-up loan, we don't have to pay it back before the forth year of business. [...]

[...] Rainy, Steady, Go will target all segments of the population: children, teenagers and adults. Frequent users of the tube will be of special interest as tube stations will be the main locations of our units. Our aim is to provide a convenient service for people in a hurry without them having to get wet Target segmentation strategy Ready, Steady, Go will target the low to medium to high income consumers who require a convenient and emergency service in times of need and in a hurry. [...]

[...] With our unique strategy we aim to become a leading company of rain equipment in northern Europe Keys to success To succeed Rainy, Steady, Go relies on five factors: First company in London to offer such a service Convenience of the product High volume - low costs Frequent use of the London underground Increase of rainy days in London due to global warming 2. COMPANY SUMMARY Rainy, Steady, Go's headquarter office is located in Cricklewood, London. To limit costs the six owners of the company will not have any salary during the first three years. [...]

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