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The role of Marketing Research

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  1. Introduction
  2. Role of Marketing Research
  3. Uses of Marketing Research
  4. Conclusion

To define and to understand marketing research it seems important to first explain what marketing is. Marketing is the foremost frame of mind and a group of techniques which allows organizations to improve their chances of success by making a correspondence between supply/products offered by the companies and demand/wants of consumers to optimize the sales. That's why marketing research is so essential: to make the good decisions and sell the good product to the good person, the companies must have the good information. But what does marketing research really mean? There are lot of definitions but I've selected this one because this seems very clear and very complete.

A market study consists on researching information about the market that the company wants to penetrate, then, and it has to know about the competition, the replacement products, the existing products, the supply and demand for them. The marketing research is the key tool of a great marketing approach: there are three steps: first the analysis of needs of information; secondly the selection of the information: it means true, reliable and useful information that must be collected and registered; and thirdly the analysis of these information with final recommendations.

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