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The French big gun in retail: Carrefour

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis of the emerging markets and risks associated
    1. SWOT analysis: Introduction
    2. SWOT analysis: appliance
    3. Risks
  3. Introduction to the marketing environment
    1. Assessment of available information
    2. Competitive analysis
    3. PEST analysis
    4. Conclusion
  4. Situation of carrefour in the colombian market
    1. Description of the colombian market
    2. Market entry strategy
    3. Risks
  5. The Russian market
    1. Introduction to the Russian market
    2. Past situation of Russia
    3. Segmentation and cultural aspects of the Russian market
    4. Cooperation and adaptation to the Russian market
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

Carrefour is the French world challenger and the European leader in the retail industry and also the second largest retail company worldwide. In order to maintain the position of Carrefour as a global retailer and due to the high competition, marketing researches have to be undertaken to underline the actual implemented strategies and determine new market entry possibilities.

The main objective of this marketing report is the conception of a marketing plan regarding the expansion of Carrefour in the emerging Russian market emphasizing the evaluation of the strategic situation of Carrefour and its environment through marketing methods.

The two first parts of this report will focus on the analysis of the emerging markets entering by Carrefour to understand the purpose of the strategic decision of the firm concerning these markets. This part will be reinforced by marketing researches. In the third part we will focus on the different aspects of the Colombian market and the strategy used by Carrefour to enter this market. Risks related to the market itself and to the market entry strategy will be approached. As a conclusion we will determine a marketing plan to enter the emerging Russian market by using an analysis based on segmentation and cultural aspects.

[...] The paper quoted an executive from a consulting firm Meti, which advises Carrefour on its business in Russia, as saying Carrefour was likely to sign a franchise agreement with a leading Russian retailer. would be very surprised if it does not happen before the end of the year," said the executive. Carrefour is the world's second largest retailer after U.S. giant Wal-Mart.?[15] Past situation of Russia Last five years Russia proved that through out the world that they really want the turn back their ?Golden Ages? as soon as possible and giving their all efforts on this way. [...]

[...] regulations) and resource information (primary and secondary researches), and having an overview on general conditions (PEST analysis) Situation of Carrefour in the Colombian market If we look at the Latin American market and make some analysis, it is easy to realize that the Colombian market present a big potential for Carrefour, so that we have to focus on this market Description of the Colombian Market Colombian market has the biggest potential of the customers in South America with more than 40 million habitants. [...]

[...] Carrefour believes it can gain benefit from these two companies using 4-5 years of experience in the Russian Market. Nowadays they are well positioned there. Usage of their experiences in this market would be very helpful for Carrefour while we get into this market. For Carrefour to position itself in a big and different market such as Russian is, it is really hard to achieve. Nevertheless by following the example of other companies in the same industry will save time and costs. [...]

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