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The notion that strategy is independent of the details of running an organization: The great fallacy of conventional management

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  1. Introduction.
    1. What is strategy?
    2. Components of a good strategy.
    3. What is strategic management?
  2. The strategy making process : Conventional management approach.
    1. Levels of strategy in an organisation.
  3. Strategic decision-making.
    1. Characteristics of strategic decisions.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Bibliography.

Defining strategy is a challenging thing to do but the characteristics of strategy can be summed up in the following definition, ?A strategy is the set of actions through which an organisation, by accident or design, develops and uses them to deliver services or products in a way which its users find valuable, while meeting the financial and other objectives and constraints imposed by the key stakeholders.?(Haberberg and Riepel, 2001, pn-32). There are different perspectives of strategy which is viewed by different people according to their own vision. Strategy formation is a process which is taken in consideration to improve the prospects of any organisation in the competitive environment. Wittman and Reuter(2008), describes characteristics of strategy by the criteria such as (1)profit potential which is the basic purpose of the strategy,(2)value based orientation which involves developing a set of objectives for creating value for the stakeholders,(3)competitive advantage, (4) market strategies and (4)corporate strategies.

[...] For example, the marketing tactics used by a company should give the marketing management an idea of the kind of business strategy that must be developed to achieve the desired result. Also, the generic strategy used at the business level affect how the functional-level marketing strategies or tactics are planned and executed. Etap Hotel provides basic rooms and services to the customers. The cost of staying for a day is one of the cheapest compared to any other hotel in the UK. [...]

[...] If an employee is working in the research and development department of a company say Apple. He or she is invited by a line manager for an upcoming meeting which would include the topic of a new product development such as a new mobile phone. He or she might consider it a good opportunity to learn about the plans of the company. This meeting might generate a new idea about that phone and then after discussing with the R&D department that idea can pass along to the production and marketing managers. [...]

[...] The Strategy Making Process : Conventional Management Approach The conventional approach of making the strategy in an organisation is all about strategies being formed by the top management and being implemented by the lower levels of management. The chief executive of the organisation forms the strategy required for the whole organisation and then that is implemented by the middle and lower management of the organisation. This top-down strategy is termed as deliberate strategy by Henry Mintzberg. A deliberate strategy is one that conceived by the senior management as a planned response to the challenges confronting the organisation. [...]

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