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The sector of the VOD (Video One Demand) and its stakes

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A majority of the present day population owns a television. With the development of ADSL and offers of triple play of Internet service providers (ISPs), audiovisual supply has widened. However, viewers do not want to wait for one to two years in order to watch a movie in theaters or gain access to new series, documentaries, or TV dramas.

Born in the 2000s, the Video on Demand or VOD is an opportunity for deeper and more targeted services. According to Wikipedia encyclopedia, "the VOD is a technique for distributing digital video content that is bi-directional (interactive) offered or sold by the cable networks like the Internet, or unwired networks such as 3G."

It allows consumers to stay at home while enjoying a movie or a show on TV at the best price. The innovation of VOD is that it allows individuals to choose a program (films, videos, television shows, documentaries) from a central server and view it on screen instantly, by either TV or computer.

VOD becomes a reality, technologically as per the consumer expectations. The picture one can see at present is not very optimistic. Few websites offer movies for download or watch streaming (live view). Retailers are suffering from illegal downloading and the status quo French annoys the consumer.

The video is about to follow in the footsteps of the music by exchanging the physical DVD for a download on the internet. Due to the strong deployment of ADSL and access of individuals to high-speed internet, VOD has experienced strong growth. Evolution after the "Pay-Per-View" or "pay TV", VOD has no time constraints because the consumer orders his film or TV show and pays and watches whenever they want.

VOD is managed from a powerful central server, which sends commands to consumers on local server intermediaries. These intermediate servers will allow customers to download the content and view it. In this way, the quality is maintained and it also avoids congestion of ADSL lines.

Given the diversity and multiplicity of offers, the consumer may feel helpless in its search for VOD. A specialized site, ?Total VOD' defined as the guide to video on demand identifies a variety of programs that are on offer to the customer.

The search engine, "TotalVOD" tells the consumer the platform on which it may either download or view the desired program. TotalVOD sheet also indicates the program and the price of the transaction.

VOD is a very interesting service for viewers. It is booming and many companies have embarked on this new adventure. However, the market for VOD has very specific expectations.

The directors, producers and distributors are worried about the entry of VOD in the chronology of the media. Indeed, it is highly competitive television channels, which are major investors in the film industry. If TV channels are not as competitive as before the investment will decrease and this will affect the budget allocation, and for this reason Internet players such as ISPs are being invited to invest in the film industry.

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