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Tobacco marketing in the contemporary world

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  1. Introduction
  2. The changes of mentalities: A matter of public health
    1. Tobacco kills
    2. Responsible firms
  3. Marketing facing the change in mentalities
    1. Advertising before the new legislation
    2. Nonetheless, advertising has become far more restricted by new legislations
    3. Finding new ways of being heard
  4. Coping with other kinds of legislation
    1. Legislation
    2. Necessity to evolve
  5. Conclusion
  6. Appendix
  7. Bibliography

After being brought back from the New World it was cultivated first in Portugal during the 16th century, then tobacco gradually become a product of mass consumption all around the world, passing from the status of a medicinal plant at the beginning to a luxury product and eventually it came to represent something fashionable that even the poorest can afford. However this cool image that occurred during the first part of the second half of the 20th century began with the American GI's smoking cigarettes and then spread by cine stars smoking, evolved into a new image much less attractive.

The cigarette gradually stopped being something cool in order to become something that kills 500000 people a year only in Europe. It multiplies the risk of lung cancer by 10, dwindles the life expectancy by 8 to 10 years for those who smoke more than half of packet a day, and so on. As a matter of fact, tobacco companies have had to change their marketing strategies to face this new vision of tobacco among the public. During the second half of the 20th century, the public had become more and more aware of the dangers linked to tobacco. The increasing number of studies concerning tobacco and its effects on human organs played a great role in this awareness.

[...] The increasing number of studies concerning tobacco and its effects on human organs played a great role in this awareness. The very first relevant study about tobacco was made in 1952 by doctors DOLL and HILL. They tried to find a link between cancer and tobacco smoking of the 600 patients suffering from cancer had already smoked in the past whereas only 80% of the other sample of patients (who did not suffer from cancer) had already smoked. This first study and its results opened the path to many other research programs concerning the effects of tobacco on the human organism. [...]

[...] The battle between the government and tobacco producers had really started a year ago when a bill was proposed in parliament to reinforce non- smokers' rights. Since then, a war of influence took place in which Altadis supported UMIH (Union des Métiers et des Industries de l'hôtellerie). One of this Union's meetings even took place in Altadis' premises! Other companies such as BAT are well known for their aggressive methods of lobbying: golf week-ends, Roland Garros or Stade de France tickets, etc Necessity to evolve Developing in other countries - The example of Altadis Altadis has always tried to pursue a clear goal: the internationalization of its brands and of its markets plays a central role in its strategy especially when the French market has to face different kinds of problems such as the huge increase in the prices. [...]

[...] That is actually tobacco firms' main achievement: keeping their customers thanks to their marketing campaigns, and not thanks to their products, at least in the beginning and especially as far as youngsters are concerned. Consequently, do tobacco firms really sell a product or rather an image? If so, what is this image? A few decades ago, people were not as aware of the dangers of smoking as they are nowadays and tobacco firms were allowed to advertise their products as they wished: these advertisements give us relevant clues about the image tobacco firms wanted their products to convey. [...]

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