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Can the UK ad be used in the foreign market in its current form? - Using a UK advert in the Poland market in its current form

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  1. Introduction
  2. UK market analysis
  3. UK advert analysis
    1. What does the advert offer?
    2. How do readers view the advert?
  4. Poland - UK comparisons
  5. Poland market analysis
    1. Poland macro-environment
    2. Why invest in Poland?
  6. Poland advert analysis
    1. What is Alfa Romeo offering?
    2. Polish culture within advertising
    3. Standardised and localising the advert
    4. Problems with advertising is Poland
  7. Recommendations
  8. Conclusion

The aim of this report is to provide additional key information with respect to using a UK advert in the Poland market in its current form. The idea of globalization is found to exist in Poland yet there is still a strong culture which affects buying decisions. In the UK context the advert is found to attract both genders. We will recommend which elements to standardize and which to localize. The recommendations are based on secondary market research data of Poland.

The advert chosen is by Alfa Romeo which looks at the Giulietta car. The assessment needed is whether or not the UK advert will work within Poland. Firstly, the UK market will be analysed and we will analyze how the advert works in the UK context. The Poland market analysis will help us to determine which aspects to change i.e. localize. The factors we will consider are the lifestyle differences and perceptual differences.

Esteve and Requena (2006) suggest there is equilibrium in the UK between advertising and sales. The firms in the UK that supply vehicles spend a proportion of their budget on advertising because the purchase of a car is the second highest spend for most consumers. The industry firms believe that advertising can change perceptions of a particular brand. One example is Skoda, initially it was a cheap budget car with a poor reputation, through careful advertising by Volkswagen has changed the perception to a more reliable car based on a Volkswagen platform.

Profit maximizers increase advertising in their marketing strategy rather cutting prices when price demand becomes inelastic. During a launch phase advertising informs customers demand becomes inelastic and the spending can be cut but will not stop. Firm interdependence exists as firms mimic the activities of others within the same market segments. Esteve and Requena (2006) find that too much information changes buyers' minds during a buying phase and they have to be continually targeted. Advertising in small car segments reached £19 per £1000 during 2009 for some manufacturers.

Tags: Poland market, globalization, Alfa Romeo, Esteve and Requena, marketing strategy.

[...] 7.0 - Poland advert analysis The advert in its layout can be standardised as shown below. The price is based on cost yet leasing is dependent on the market, much higher in the UK but cheaper prices in the Poland. The distribution channel for Alfa Romeo is interesting, the car advert can state ?book a test drive at your local Fiat dealership?, the majority of people will remember dealership locations. In this case it is also cheaper for Fiat to use its subsidiary Alfa Romeo. [...]

[...] The consumption figures will be against a rival in the market place. In English: The ?Best new engine of the year? will be used to symbolise reliability. am Giulietta,? this is to symbolise the cars individuality in the market place. In Polish The slogan ?without heart we are machines? will be used in Polish as well as best in class euro ncap 5 star rating years of Alfa Romeo design, Alfa DNA driving system, lowest co2 emissions, superior fuel economy and fastest 0-60mph time in class. [...]

[...] In the Muslim context ad advert that is focused on sexuality can be ineffective as it will not get the message across that a car is being advertised. So in this case the advert must not focus too much on the beauty of Uma Therman. However using the actress to show the soul of Alfa Romeo is a new idea and this will have to be reinforced with other adverts as one soul will not work on its own. Jewish people will also have differences in what they want to see and this has to reflect a broader context, where the advert has to be standardised in what it is showing. [...]

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