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What are challenges facing food retailers regarding e-commerce?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Today's situation of e-commerce and online food sells in Europe
    1. Today's situation of e-commerce in Europe
    2. Today's situation of online food sells
  3. Advantages and inconveniences of online food sell according to customers
    1. Advantages
    2. Inconveniences
  4. Challenges to pick up for food retailers on e-commerce
    1. Developing internet distribution's channel
    2. Positioning their offer on e-commerce
    3. Changing consumer behaviors
  5. Conclusion

With 30% growth in 2009, and 171 billion euros anticipated in 2010 in Europe - while retail trades have registered a decrease of 3% - e-commerce has been a real success especially during the time of economic crisis. However, the report can be moderated because the development of this new form of commerce is contrasted with goods and services which are commercialized. Travel, downloading of games and music and technological products are the signs of success of the e-commerce trade, while other products encounter problems that prevent it from maintaining a good position on this distribution channel. For example, food retailers have been facing this problem, where online selling is more discreet and the penetration on this market is lower.

So what are challenges facing food retailers in relation to e-commerce? To respond to this question, we will examine the current scenario of e-commerce and sale of food items online in Europe. In the second part, we will study the advantages and inconveniences of online food sale according to customers and we will conclude with the challenges facing food retailers in relation to e-commerce.

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