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A market study and research on the Indian liquor industry

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  1. Introduction
  2. Company profile
  3. Background of the study
  4. Industry profile
  5. Market segmentation
    1. Beer
    2. Country liquor
    3. Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and imported liquor
  6. Objective of the study
  7. Research design
  8. Methods of data collection
  9. Questionnaire design
    1. Method used to analyse the questionnaire
    2. Analysis and inference of questions
  10. Suggestions
  11. Bibliography

The task on hand was to check the preference of alcohol consumers, which would help our client UDV to market its new product, the latest entrant in the Ready-To-Drink (RTD) segment ? Smirnoff ICE.

To get the desired information, we used both Primary Data and Secondary Data.

The RTD segment already has two players, viz. Bacardi Breezer and Romanov Shotz. Bacardi Breezer enjoys better popularity than Romanov Shotz. This is due to the brilliant advertising done by Bacardi. It managed to generate enough excitement and curiosity about the new product category.

The scene is now set. The product has been tried and ?tasted'. There is awareness about the product and people have liked the concept of a pre-mixed alcoholic beverage.
Smirnoff, who enjoys an amazingly high brand recall and brand image, is ready to launch its version of RTD, called ?Smirnoff ICE?.

It has an advantage that it shall not have to create awareness about the product category. People now know what RTD's are. Smirnoff has to capitalize on this to its advantage. It must use its image and popularity to its benefit.

The biggest challenge while launching an alcoholic beverage is the burden of restrictions put on advertising. Thus, a lot of surrogate advertising has to be used. This can be seen in the case of Bacardi Breezer ? ?Live life in Color' campaign.
Due to these restrictions, a lot of other promotional activities are necessary to build awareness and maintain top-of-mind recall. Such promotional activities include parties and events. They need to be present where the market is.

It was our job to find out the same. Who is their market? Where are they found? What do they do? How do they like their alcohol? What they don't like in their current drink?

Hence, after getting some interesting findings about the consumers and market, we present our Analysis and Suggestions.

To know more, read on?its in the right spirit!

[...] Q24) We asked the respondents to comment on the statement : RTD's are for women Observations: strongly agree : 14 agree : 21 neither agree nor disagree : 18 disagree : 32 strongly disagree : 15 Inference : The general perception that Bacardi Breezer being a light drink is a woman's drink is strongly opposed to by the respondents. This argument is backed by Q4 which shows that : Female Young Heavy consumers prefer BACARDI WHITE Female Young Light consumers prefer SMIRNOFF Female Old Heavy consumers prefer SMIRNOFF & OLD MONK Female Old Light consumers prefer SMIRNOFF To prove the above statement right a woman's preferred drink would have been either wine or maybe a liqueur such as Peach Schnapps or Baileys. [...]

[...] Analysis and Inference of questions Q1.) The first question on the questionnaire was "Which brands of alcohol are you aware this was to test the unaided awareness the various brands of alcohol. The top five brands which had maximum unaided recall were Kingfisher, Smirnoff, Bacardi White, Fosters, Old Monk Rum in that order. Kingfisher enjoyed 100% recall with the Male Old Heavy consumers, Female Old Heavy consumers, Female Young Heavy consumers and Female Old Light consumers. A close second was Smirnoff which also enjoyed 100% recall among the Male Young Heavy consumers and Female Young Heavy consumers. [...]

[...] Such information would be vital to the new entrant (Smirnoff Ice) as they would have an insight on how to position and market their product. Also, it will tell them whether it actually makes sense to enter the new market as their current holding on the vodka segment is very strong. Via our research, we plan to see whether people are willing to continue consuming such products in the future and whether they are ready to welcome new entrants in the same category. [...]

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