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A report on Indian rayon

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  1. Introduction
  2. Brand profile
  3. Existting body
  4. Organization structure
  5. History and development
  6. Vision Statement
  7. Size of the unit
  8. Swot analysis
  9. HR Department
    1. Introduction
    2. Organization structure of personnel department
    3. Manpower planning
    4. Job description
    5. Recruitment and selection
    6. Training and development
    7. Performance appraisal
    8. Time keeping system
    9. Wage and salary administration
    10. Promotion and transfer
    11. Absenteeism
  10. Research methodology
    1. Significance of the study
    2. Objectives of the study
    3. Study design
    4. Tools of data collection
  11. Data analysis interpretation
    1. Topic wise effectiveness
    2. Overall training effectiveness
  12. Major findings, conclusion and suggestions
    1. Findings
    2. Conclusion
    3. Suggestions
  13. Standard operating procedure
    1. Summery of sop
    2. Applications
    3. Standard operating procedure
  14. Production department
    1. Introduction
    2. Organization structure of production department
    3. Introduction to the company's product
    4. Manufacturing process
    5. Spin bath section
    6. Spinning section
    7. After treatment section
    8. Textile section
  15. Plant layout
  16. Material handling
  17. Purchase department
  18. Quality control
  19. Marketing department
    1. Introduction
    2. Organization of the marketing department
    3. Organization structure
    4. Marketing mix
    5. Product planning and development
    6. Marketing research
    7. Market segmentation
  20. Finance department
    1. Introduction
    2. Financial planning
    3. Organization structure of finance department
    4. Capital structure
    5. Capitalization
    6. Leverage
    7. Capital budgeting
    8. Working capital
  21. Management information system [MIS]
  22. Marketiing information system
  23. Conclusion
  24. Bibliography

Man-made fiber includes both synthetic fibers and celluloses. Rayon is a generic term for man-made fiber, composed of regenerated cellulose and deviates also called as celluloses. The standard types include viscose staple fiber (VSF) and continuous viscose filament yarn (VFY) while the synthetic fiber includes polyester nylon, propylene, acrylic etc. This segment of industry has vital role to play in Textile Industry. The Asian share of global VSF product has growing many folds as there was an increase in need for Filament Yarn. This is presumably due to the shift in textile production from developed countries to low cost Asia. The shift continues and textile consumption in Asia is likely to grow in line with rapid economic growth in the countries. In the near future the supply of Celluloses fibers will drop slightly and supply of synthetic fibers will grow by about 2.3% per annum. Till 1950 a small quantity of Viscose Filament Yarn was imported into India. In 1950 the first Viscose Filament Rayon Yarn of M/S Travancore Rayon at Rayonpuram, Kerala was commissioned which was later on followed by National Rayon plant at Mohane in Kalyan in the beginning of 1951. Last Viscose Filament Yarn plant was commissioned in the year 1964. After that no new plant were commissioned due to the heavy capital requirement and fierce competition from synthetic filament yarn. Due to expansion of the existing plants, higher production for Filament yarns was achieved in 70's 80's. M/S J. K. Rayon at Kanpur stopped production in early 1980's. M/S Travancore also seized production around 1983-84 and restarted it in 1987. At present 7 filament yarn production facilities are in operation producing about 60000 tones yarn per annum pushing the capacity of Viscose Filament Yarn production in India to 68300 MT per annum.

[...] So by this the role of the information system in the today's marketing has increased, as its increased not due to the technology but due to the results that it generates on the basis of which a company can take decisions under the light of the information so provided by the system, as under DEMAND FORCASTING COMPETITION CONSUMERS DISPOSABLE INCOME BUYING BEHAVIOUR MARKET SHARE GOVERNMENT POLICY HELPS IN EXPLORING NEW MARKET'S IN KNOWING THE GOODWILL After going through the two month long training program, functioning of the organization which I observed from that it can be concluded that Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd. [...]

[...] The policy is a blend of seniority and merit consideration stressing more emphasis on seniority. And employee is promoted considering his ability to deal with problems occurs among the subordinates and seniors as well as level of proficiency, loyalty, etc. Promotion is given after every 3 or 4 years on the basis of disciplinary action and by performance appraisal system. Employees are promoted within the organization in term of vacancies or creation of new post. IR&IL Co. adopts to take the advance of the employees, one very well aware of companies policy and production procedures in term to motivate them. [...]

[...] After inspection the operator is putting a gummed quality label on every cone. These cones are being wrapped in transparent polythene sheets along with and ungummed quality label. Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs. One of the shortest definition or marketing is ?meeting needs profitably.? market may be considered as a convenient meeting place where buyers and sellers gather together for exchange of goods and services.? Marketing is a process by which individuals and groups obtain what they nee and want by creating and exchanging products and value with others. [...]

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