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An analysis of E tailing

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objective
  3. Research methodology
  4. The e-tailing environment
    1. Etailing and retailing
    2. Precursors to e-tailing
    3. The consumers
    4. Insights into e-tailing
    5. Etailing value chain
  5. The upcoming problems in e-tailing
    1. E-tailing transactions and their vulnerabilities:
    2. Online credit card payment
    3. Vulnerabilities of the transaction
    4. Auctions
    5. Online auction transaction
    6. Vulnerabilities of online auctions
    7. Specialized e-tailing and criminal opportunities
    8. Financial services fraud
  6. Solution to the prevailing problems and benefits
    1. Benefits of the transaction
    2. Prevention and control to the crimes
    3. Increasing perceived risks
    4. Surveillance by employees and customers
    5. Natural surveillance
    6. Reducing anticipated rewards
    7. Reducing temptation
    8. Removing excuses
    9. Stimulating conscience and disarming disinhibitors
    10. Assigning responsibility
    11. Facilitating compliance
  7. Potentials of e-tailing in present scenario
    1. Is the online channel right for you?
    2. On line customers
    3. Women online shoppers close the gap on men
    4. Heavy purchasing
    5. The most popular categories online
    6. How do consumers access Web sites?
  8. Rapid growth of online retailing
  9. Introduction to E-Bay
    1. Company
    2. Community
    3. Trust and secutity
    4. Safe trading overview
  10. Benefits to the e-tailers
  11. Measures of success
    1. How do e-tailers measure success?
    2. Achieving financial goals
    3. Strategy
    4. Who are the competitors?
    5. Marketing and merchandising
  12. Technical architecture
    1. Web site design changes infrequently
    2. Designing for expansion
    3. Companies are diligent about security
  13. Supply chain
    1. Multiple fulfillment solutions
    2. Moving closer to local markets
    3. Reducing logistics costs
  14. Customer connections
  15. Back office
  16. Who's selling on the web
  17. Conclusions

Online retailing is conducted through interactive online computer systems, which link consumers with sellers electronically. In a short space of time, internet retailing has firmly established itself as a viable alternative to store based shopping.

Commercial online services offer online information and retailing services to subscribers who pay a monthly fee. The best known online service provider is giant America Online, which has more than 21 million subscribers. Microsoft Network (MNS) and Prodigy trail far behind AOL with 2.45 million and 1 million subscribers, respectively. These online services provide subscribers with information (news, libraries, education, travel, sports, reference), entertainment (fun and games), shopping services, dialogue opportunities (bulletin boards, forums, chat boxes), and e-mail.

After growing rapidly through the mid-1990s, the commercial online services have now been overtaken by the Internet as the primary online retailing channel. In fact, all of the online service firms now offer Internet access as a primary service. The Internet is a vast and burgeoning global web of computer networks. It evolved from a network created by a Defense Department during the 1960s, initially to link government labs, contractors, and military installations. Today, this huge, public computer network links computer users of all types all around the world, Anyone with a PC, a modem, and the right software can browse can browse the Internet to obtain or share information on almost any subject and to interact with other users.

Internet usage surged with the development of the user- friendly World Wide web (the Web) and Web browser software such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, today, even novices can surf the Internet and experience fully integrated text, graphics, images, and sound. Users can send e-mail, exchange views, shop for products, and access news, food recipes, art, and business information. The Internet itself is free, although individual users usually must pay a commercial access provider to be hooked up to it.

[...] An analysis of VAT will improve customer relations by ensuring customer awareness regarding delivery prices and dates. Also, assessing the economic effects of offering a world? price versus multiple pricing (depending on the applicable tax rate of the customer's country) may present a planning opportunity. Clearly, tailing strategies for indirect taxes will have an immediate impact on market share and profitability. As e-tailers face increasing global competition, a tax efficient business strategy is critical to an e-tailer's success. Finance Strategies Conventional wisdom says that companies create value by generating cash flows from assets that can be seen and touched, such as a production plant, and that companies destroy value when investments increase risk or uncertainty. [...]

[...] Thus, tailing itself has removed the targets, though, as we have seen throughout this paper, the target of the consumer product has been replaced by other valuable targets: the computing system and customer databases. Merchant: Ideally, keep valuable databases off line, do not allow dial up access and maintain in a physically secure facility. Refuse auction of stolen, counterfeit or unethical items. Customer: Do not store valuable passwords and other information on computer. Do not leave laptop, cell phone or PDA unattended Identifying property. [...]

[...] An additional method of controlling delivery used by some online stores that also have local stores, is to have the item shipped for customer pick- up at the local store. While this eliminates the risk of theft from the customer's home if it is unattended, it may increase the risk of theft at the location of the local store in its stock room. There are no comparative data concerning this issue. Another method of shipment also includes with it a method of payment, which is cash on delivery (COD). [...]

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