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Community marketing and gay marketing

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  1. The LVMH group
    1. Portrait of the French leader of luxury
    2. History
    3. Overview
  2. International strategy of LVMH
    1. External growth and focus on the development of activities through organic growth
    2. A highly decentralized group: promoting synergy
    3. Geographical diversification
    4. A strategy of globalization that adapts to local aspects
    5. Selective distribution
    6. The corporate communications at LVMH
    7. A skimming strategy: towards democratization?
  3. International strategy of two brands
    1. Success: Dior
    2. Failure: Sephora
  4. Conclusion

The totality of homosexual men and women who identify themselves as such comprise only a minority of the French population. In view of mass marketing, this population is obviously negligible. Homosexuals live in very different ways depending on the geographic origins, social or cultural backgrounds. It also includes gays and lesbians who do not actually have much in common. Male homosexuality is also more visible than its female equivalent.

Knowing this, one might assume that the interest for advertisers is to develop marketing programs for gays (which therefore includes lesbians as well) and minors, if any. But then why do brands such as IBM, Apple, America On Line, Levi's, Calvin Klein, AT & T, Continental Airlines, American Express, Ikea, Absolut Vodka, Perrier, Evian, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Citibank and many others choose to address, proactively, and visible gay and lesbian Americans to sell their new models? Advertising to gay Americans about brands that are increasingly important does not contribute to looking to do a stunt but rather to take a position on a sustainable basis, with this category of consumers.

Targeted advertising aimed at gays and lesbians is not really new.In the years 1970-1980, homosexuals have attracted companieswhose business was naturally linked to their lifestyle, more readilyoriented outings and trips. But for ten years now, the gay marketing is booming in the U.S. and major advertisers are no longer wondering whether it makes sense or not to invest, they should go quickly.

The rapid development of advertising in the gay press and on the American websites dedicated to gay and lesbian community is not only due to advertisers pioneers, but rather to an influx of competitors that build defensive strategies targetting a market that seems quite "ideal".
In the capitalist world, being considered attractive consumer market is an important form of recognition and should not be underestimated.

The generation of 20-30 years, has always lived in a society that accepts homosexuality relatively well.This generation begins to reach decision-making positions in marketing and advertising teams and considers it as normal to target homosexuals as youth, sports and other more conventional marketing targets.

United States, now estimated at $ 200 million the amount spent each year on media buying by advertisers in gay media and there are at least thirty specialized communication agencies that target.

In France, the consulting market in gay marketing is still in its infancy.Since this population was stamped "prescriptive tendencies", the market for it is certainly there, but remain cautious. Gay marketing in France is reduced mostly to communication "gay friendly" (such asMinute Maid campaign Village People) or plans without visual media ad hoc, such as advertising in Tetu Ted Lapidus showing a couple-heterosexual. Brands try their hand at times "crypto-gay" through allusions hardly perceptible to the uninitiated.

Other advertisers are targeting the "metrosexual" urban trendy young heterosexuals who adopt dress codes assigned to gays and cosmetics. By playing on this trend, for example, that Jean-Paul Gaultier launched his line of beauty treatments for men "Everything nice and clean."

Tags: Marketing, advertising, for homosexual community

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