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Creativity in advertising

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  1. Executive summary
  2. What is creativity?
  3. Objectives of creativity
  4. Description/structure of the methodology/alternative solutions
  5. Expected results/benefits
  6. Characteristics of providers
  7. Application
  8. Types of firms/organisations concerned
  9. What creativity means in advertising
  10. How creativity is different from innovation
    1. Creativity versus Innovation
  11. Basics of creativity
    1. Creative thinking skills can be learned
    2. Creativity and leadership
  12. Creative forces
    1. Force-field analysis
    2. Creative range
    3. Snakes and ladders
  13. Group techniques to generate creativity
    1. Dream team rules
    2. What is kickstart catalogue?
  14. Conclusion
  15. Bibliography

Advertising is both art and science. The science of advertising is the analytical part that we have been looking at this point: setting goals, deciding strategy, choosing among different creativity styles. Some people call this step convergent thinking because the process is to distill lots of information into the core advertising strategy. What is it that makes adds sparkle and live up to a well-planned and implemented advertising campaign? It's the ?ah' factor: that brilliantly simple, but inspired creative edge. In Advertising the world is flat. Agencies are structured on a linear basis. Campaigns are created in linear formats. There are all kinds of rails and fences and obstacles to keep creative thinking linear. Advertising is a big business and ranks among the top industries in the world. The growth of the top advertising industry in any country is in direct relation, its creative senses and talents if the advertising professionals.

[...] This project tells us the importance of Creativity in Advertising as creativity demands abundance. The foundation of creativity is in individual, and so the techniques and methods discussed in this project are just mere tools to enhance and liberate one's creative skills. So don't confuse the menu with meal It is observed that too many people are leading their lives lie they're driving their cars with brakes this projects will enable you to know how your foot is taken off that brake pedal. [...]

[...] WHAT CREATIVITY MEANS IN ADVERTISING I once read a quote somewhere that said, "We do not separate advertising from life." Creativity is a very subjective term. Who can really say what is creative, for we all have different opinions on what we individually think is creative. Some people believe creativity is an engrained concept that you are born with it. Other people believe it is a talent that can be learned and taught. I personally believe it is a little of both. [...]

[...] Creativity is not a gift of some sort, it is a state of being etat d'ame", as they say in French). Learning a creativity- increasing technique of some sort will give you some tools and help you, but will not automatically change your point of view about yourself and your creativity; your belief and value systems about creativity and creativity myths must change as well. Creativity and Leadership "Everyone has creative potential, but creative people think they are creative." Self-esteem is one of the most important elements of creativity. [...]

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