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Does Marketing threaten children's education at primary school?

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  1. Literature Review
    1. What can explain the interest of marketers for children?
    2. Childhood, a competitive environment: trends effect and outsider's exclusion
    3. Power of King's kid and pester power
    4. Consumers of tomorrow
    5. What methods do they use to target children?
  2. Methodology & Objectives
    1. Qualitative Methods
    2. In-dept Interviews
    3. Projective Techniques
    4. Observation
    5. Quantitative methods
    6. Questionnaire
  3. Data Analysis
    1. The Qualitative Analysis
    2. The Observations
    3. The Quantitative Analysis
  4. Conclusions and Recommendations

This project aims to identify the ethical problem of marketing by aiming at children, and will focus on children in primary school. This area has interested people since the last decade and the likes of psychologists, doctors, marketers have always tried to understand the power of brands on children and the ethical limit in the seduction of this particular audience. In the Literature Review, several aspects of childhood will be discussed through various academics. These aspects will first emcompass the reasons why marketers are interested towards children, but also the methods they use to target them. Secondly, the ethical problems linked to effects of advertising on kids and advertising at school, in which several cases will be compared. In the primary research, an interview and questionnaires have been made and will be analyzed to completely encircle the subject, and answer a question that have never been posed yet, Does marketing threaten children's education?

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