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Evaluation of print media as a medium of advertising with respect to consumers and advertisers

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  1. Introduction
  2. Scope of the study
  3. Research methodology
  4. Marketing strategies
    1. The National Plan Strategy
    2. The Key Market Plan Strategy
    3. The Skin Plan Strategy
  5. Media
    1. Types of media
    2. Difficulties in selecting media types
  6. Industry profile of print media
  7. Analysis: Print media
  8. Current status in India
  9. Life after 2001: Redefining print media
  10. Transforming print media into digital form
  11. Economic incentives to go all digital
  12. Print media growth
  13. Foreign investment in print media
  14. Advertisement with print media
  15. Newspaper reaches different markets
  16. Print media with respect to electronic media
  17. Research and analysis
  18. Conclusion and recommendations
  19. Bibliography

The topic Evaluation of print media as a medium of advertising with respect to consumers and advertisers is one of the best topics, which focuses on the print media sector as one of the means of providing services to the society that carries the idea or message of the marketer to the masses. Print media is the most popular and effective media for both publishing and publicity in the form of advertising, today. Newspapers and magazines have become a part of the culture and political life of people today.

Media, as we know, is a very important component of advertising that carries the idea or message of the marketer or advertiser to the masses. It is therefore necessary to plan and formulate the marketing strategies for establishing the print media. By Evaluation of Print Media, we mean the process of designing a course of action that shows how publishing and advertising funds will be used in purchasing time and space and how they should be utilized to contribute to the achievement of marketing and advertising objectives, with the main motto of mass satisfaction. The marketing conditions facing the publisher/ advertiser are further based on Product Characteristics, Channels of Distribution, Promotion Strategy, and Nature of the publishing / advertising copy.

[...] Chapter-4 Findings & Analysis FINDINGS & ANALYSIS This chapter describes the findings and the analysis of the overall research study done for the project title ?Evaluation of Print Media as a Medium of Advertisement with Respect to Customer & Advertiser?. Since the researcher was given the job to plan and formulate strategies to find out the marketing strategies, market orientation of the print media business. On the basis of the analysis and after considering the various factors, the researcher found important features that played the key role in the analysis of the print media sector and its market building. [...]

[...] SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study of Evaluation of Print Media as a medium of advertising with respect to consumer & advertisement has a wider scope. As the topic is relevant where there exists a cutthroat competition in the market where each company providing printing publications wants to capture the whole market by adapting different strategies, it helps to stimulate and analyze the market conditions and the society's view towards the products of the publishing companies. It also helps in finding out the customer's opinions and their perception regarding the print media sector companies. [...]

[...] at that time the scope of NRS was limited to print media only, because of minimum exposure of TV, but the results were very encouraging and they facilitated and advertiser with a lot information. The main feature of NRS- V conducted in 1995 was that it was a massive survey taken a sample of near about 106375 individuals. All the major cities and towns are taken into sample, the sample is selected from both urban and rural areas, the cross tabulation between readership of different publication and educational status of the readers, their occupation and their life style. [...]

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