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Marketing strategies of IBM Global Service India

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  1. Introduction
    1. Pre and post liberalization story
    2. IBM's Global business services
    3. IBM India's milestones
  2. Objective of the study
  3. Research methodology
    1. Research design
    2. Nature of data
    3. Sampling technique
    4. Justification for the topic
  4. Literature review
    1. Software industry in India
    2. Marketing strategy of IBM global in India
  5. Data analysis
  6. Conclusion and implications
  7. References
  8. Appendix

IBM India's revenue is up 45% from a year ago, largely contributed to by a strategic approach and highly penetrative marketing strategy, and it keeps winning its share of large deals, such as a 10-year, $750 million contract it signed in 2004 with Bharti Tele-Ventures, India's No. 1 telecom company, to manage its data centers and develop new billing, sales, and data-warehousing systems. But it's not just about trading high-priced jobs for low-priced ones; Indian operations also help win U.S. business. The IBM Global service India's India presence was a factor in its ability to win a $500 million piece of $7.5 billion in IT contracts that General Motors let. It's seductive to compare the growth in Indian Global Services head count and the U.S. reduction for the economists. But think all economic experts believe India as an emerging market. The present study has been carried out with the objectives of studying the marketing strategies currently adopted by IBM global services India private limited and to critically analyze the marketing strategy in this highly competitive Indian scenario and also its competitive product portfolio. The study has been carried out using both the primary as well as the secondary sources of information. I don't hesitate to conclude that maintaining high quality standards, innovative approach, highly skilled labor forces, etc. are the key factors which make this organization a huge success rate, among other competitors in the Indian market.

[...] To study the marketing strategies currently adopted by IBM global services India private limited To critically analyze the marketing strategy in this highly competitive Indian scenario and also its competitive product portfolio. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: A Research Methodology defines the purpose of the research, how it proceeds, how to measure progress and what constitute success with respect to the objectives determined for carrying out the research study. The appropriate research design formulated is detailed below. Exploratory research: this kind of research has the primary objective of development of insights into the problem. [...]

[...] REFERENCES BOOKS Marketing Management, Keller Marketing Management, Gambhir & Prasad Marketing Management, Sellins JOURNALS ICFAI University Press Journals On Marketing AAAI Journals On Marketing MAGAZINES Business India Indian Business & Economy How to Build Strategy, Walkins INTERNET APPENDIX QUESTIONNAIRE This survey is being carried out to gather information about the marketing strategies of IBM Global India. The information is being used by management students for academic purpose only 1. Since how long you are associated with IT industry In India? [...]

[...] STRONG PARENTAL SUPPORT IBM Corporation provides continuous support to IBM India in terms of global human resources and technology. IBM regularly exchanges its talent pool across countries, and recently shuffled the top management across countries. INCREASING THE MARKET POTENTIAL IBM has initiated plans to increase the market potential by increasing the awareness on IT among the masses. IBM has entered the academic sector by providing IT education, thereby expanding the user market. The company has pioneered partner relationships with a number of educational institutions including the IITs at Delhi, Kanpur and Chennai and a number of renowned IT schools in the country. [...]

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