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Integrated Marketing communications

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  1. The importance of integrated marketing communications
  2. Factors contributing to the growth of Integrated marketing communications
  3. The benefits of integrated marketing communications
  4. Barriers to implementing Integrated marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing communication is a marketing concept that implies that two and two equal 6, that is to say that all parts together have a greater value than each part taken individually. That's the idea of synergy. It is a new way of looking at the whole and realigning communications to look at it the way the customer sees it. It gives someone the responsability where none existed before, to unify the company's brand images and messages as they come through thousands of company activities. In this document we'll try to explain the importance of Integrated Marketing Communications. The real strength of Integrated Marketing Communications lies in the fact that it starts with the needs of the target audience.

[...] We will now see what the advantages of Integrated Marketing communications are. III) The benefits of Integrated Marketing Communications The first benefit is obviously to reach a greater impact. As differences between the physical characteristics of products become negligible, clear product positioning is essential to achieve competitive advantage. Integrated Marketing can help to do this. Another benefit is the fact that there is less duplication in tasks. Indeed, integrated marketing communications force companies to review their agencies and to work with fewer. [...]

[...] II) Factors contributing to the growth of Integrated Marketing Communications There are a number of factors that have made organizations more receptive to integrated marketing communications. We mentioned the idea of synergy that is to say the idea of combining all elements of the mix under one umbrella to get a perfect mix. This is the key of success. Another factor is the growth in consumer travel. Many multi-national companies use Integrated Marketing Communications. They recognize that consumer and business people travel more often and are exposed to international stimuli on an almost daily basis through the Internet, TV, newspapers . [...]

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