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Reebok's case:" In pursuit of generation X"

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  1. Micky Pant can be credited with introducing a novel (at the time) and innovative tool into Reebok's advertising strategy. Viral marketing was at the time only superficially understood. How would you explain this technique to an uninformed audience? To what extent does it complement or replace traditional media e.g.; television, billboards, direct mail, etc.?
  2. Evaluate the Terry Tate commercials. Did they increase recognition of Rebook's brand? Was the central message effective? And memorable? Did it generate a sufficient level of positive attitudes toward the brand?
  3. Considering some of the traditional indicators of advertising effectiveness mentioned above, to what extent should they be relied on in the Terry Tate - Reebok Case?
  4. Is this type of communication capable of capturing the attention of Generation X consumers ? Explain why or why not ?

Nowadays, competition is between companies very important. It is very important to distinguish one's company from the competitors, not only concerning the products but also advertising, in order to seduce the consumers. The brand must be innovative in order to win market share and increase its profits. For Reebok, television was the primary communication medium but nowadays, it is imperative to communicate on the internet and diversify the media. Internet is a means of communication more and more used by companies in order to seduce the consumers. The competitors of Reebok: Nike and Adidas will have to be more creative and more innovative if they want to make a success of the strategy of viral marketing. Generally, companies have a website in order to present their products and can propose online payments, collect information in order to create a prospect database. From now on, the most effective means to increase the fame of the brand and win market shares is to create a Buzz.

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