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BRAC in Bangladesh: By John Quelch and Nathalie Laidler, August 5th, 2003

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  1. Logistics at H&M: An essential service
    1. Logistics in the textile world
    2. Logistics and distribution H&M
    3. Purchase and production
  2. The characteristics of the logistics of H&M: the sales through supply chain
    1. The sell-through
    2. Definition of supply chain
    3. Logistics in the "supply chain"

This paper discusses the development and contribution of a non-governmental organization in the field of services that is provided to the countries that are no well off.

The NGO, BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) was established in 1972 and runs several programs for rural and urban development and provides health, education and economic development benefits.

The author finds it interesting to study an NGO that helps women in these countries and also explores the position of women in these countries. There are not many NGOs that are effective in these countries due to the large size of their population and the difficulty they have in raising funds to cater to this large number.

Tags - Third world countries, BRAC, Women

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