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"Lump together and like it" - The Economist, November 6th 2008, Development Economics, Fall 2008

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  1. The urbanization process: realities and origins
    1. A startling phenomenon?
    2. How can we account for this development of big cities in poor countries?
  2. ''Cities and growth'': A controversial correlation
    1. The contradiction between both points of view: pro & against urbanization as a way to reach economic development
    2. An undeniable positive impact on urbanization on the economy of developing countries
  3. The difficult but necessary intervention of the governments
    1. Difficulties and drawbacks of the public policies
    2. An enduring intervention

Focusing on the Chinese example, this article emphasizes the controversial relationship between urbanization and growth in poor countries. Based on the World Development Report (from the World Bank), it presents the point of view of those who are willing to slow down the urbanization process, and the ones who agree on its positive impact. More importantly, as the increase of the share of urban people is an undeniable fact, the article tries to define the policy that governments should adopt in order to make urbanization a consideration in economic development policy. Considering the article and the different economic research, how can we consider the correlation between urbanization and economic development in the developing countries?

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