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AnimeHA, Full Tilt Poker and Alienware: case study of three successfull e-businesses

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  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1 ? AnimeHA
  3. Part 2 ? Full Tilt Poker
  4. Part 3 ? Alienware
  5. Conclusion

Nowadays, launching a successful e-business requires several conditions to be fulfilled. We must have knowledge of the current elements that are part of e-business, such as the different existing business models. We also have to be aware of the numerous applications provided by the Internet platform, and the new forms of payment, that are e-payments. Of course, along with advanced knowledge of e-business, an online entrepreneur must find a good concept, an idea that will attract individuals or businesses or governments. Also, the success and popularity of e-business is due to the competitive edges that differentiate it from other e-businesses: these could be innovation, technical quality, a unique offer, a better advertising strategy. There are so many opportunities on the internet. Some online success stories are now famous and some others are less publicized. For instance, Alex Tew has had the idea of creating a website where the homepage would contain a box of a million pixels, and each pixel could be bought for $1; he sold everything and won $1 million .

[...] Concerning the future of Full Tilt Poker, new graphics for the software would definitely be a good idea: 3D avatars on the poker table, better sound, and more interaction with other players. Everything must be done to imitate the live poker action. This would definitely attract a lot more visitors. Part 3 Alienware The best and most impressive online experience has been saved for the last third part. Alienware is an American online computer manufacturer based in Florida. Its customers are mostly hardcore gamers and ?power users?, that is people looking for high performance computers, and also some professional businesses, such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and even the U.S. [...]

[...] These points can be used in the full tilt store to buy goodies shirts, poker chips, sunglasses), or more expensive items like cars and bikes (however the number of points asked for these is really high). Full Tilt Poker generates revenues thanks to the rake. This is a small fee that reflects itself on the buy-in price of a tournament: a $10 + sit and go means $10 for the prize pool and for Full Tilt Poker. On cash tables, the rake is a very small percentage taken from each pot played. [...]

[...] Regarding customization, Alienware distinguishes itself from the competition (its strongest enemy is VoodooPC) by a very recognizable design and a large array of options. For example, as regards laptop computers, customers can choose the color of the case, of the alien head logo, the color of the keyboard backlight, and a personalized nameplate is even available[xv]. There are also different options for the design of the case. The online customization process has been simplified into three steps: components, software and accessories. [...]

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