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Autotainment GmbH: doing business in a global environment

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  1. Autotainment internal analysis
    1. Mission
    2. Vision
    3. Corporate strategy and objectives
    4. Resources & Capabilities
  2. Financial statement
    1. Assets
    2. Capital
    3. Conclusions
    4. Capabilities
    5. Strengths & Weaknesses
    6. Value chain
    7. Autotainment's primary activities
    8. Support activities
    9. Export Audit
  3. Summary (de) step analysis
    1. Argentina
    2. China
    3. Russia
  4. Summary porter's 5 forces
    1. Argentina
    2. China
    3. Russia
  5. Confrontation matrix

Autotainment GmbH, has made an effort since 1953, to develop and enable the relationship between sound, information and human interaction creating products to make it possible. The essential part of the company philosophy is the conviction, that to be successful and expand their businesses, every worker inside the company must respect other people and contribute in creating a work environment where everybody feels motivated to produce high-tech quality products which satisfy their customers and offer the best after-sales service on the market. Autotainment GmbH is the world's leading supplier of car audio systems. Nowadays it is situated between the four most important companies relating to the car audio industry. Autotainment is known worldwide and has its sales branches established in the market regions of the EU, MERCOSUR, NAFTA and ASEAN. The company is also exploring further global expansion opportunities. The constant development of new technologies in the auto-radio sector creates a hyper competition where advantages cannot be sustained for a long time. Thus, Autotainment must constantly compete by differentiating its high quality products from those of the competitors. The company aims for customers to notice its car audios and navigation systems with its incorporate innovative technology and unique design, price and quality. This would not be possible without being aware of the different needs of different markets, being able to communicate the characteristics of its products, having well-trained employees to identify with the products and the company's mission and without the great effort of Autotainment to reduce its cost and maintain its high level of profitability.

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