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Business environment assignment: sets of scenarios for the futur development of China

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  1. Presentation of China
    1. Development of china
    2. Current economic profile
  2. Sets of scenarios for the futur development
  3. Critical factors and outline the scenario that you think the most likely
    1. Critical factors
    2. The Scenario that you think the most likely
  4. Conclusion

China, one of the biggest countries of the world after Russia and Canada, is located in the East coast of Asia. This country is also one of the most populated with 1. 324. 655. 000 inhabitants, according to the latest figures and it represents one fifth of the world's population (The Economist, 2007). However, the population of China is getting stable and is monitored by the strict rules of the government's "one child? policy, coupled with a change of the lifestyles of the Chinese. (Ogilvy, Schwartz & Flower, 2000, p.41). In terms of organization, China has a particular division system where "the country is divided into provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities?. In addition, the country has 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 centrally administered municipalities and two special administrative regions such as Honk Kong and Macao where a high degree of independence and autonomy is offered.

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